Beach Fun

Beach Fun

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Santa's watching....

What was on everyone's Christmas list this year??

Drew didn't say a word to Santa, but Santa knew he wanted a train set. Drew liked Santa a lot, so much he got candy canes from him. Maddox asked to get rid of his CPAP, Parker asked to have a real bottle. Emma asked to get rid of her picc line, and Jack asked to be first in line for a change. We hope Santa can deliver, that's a long list for such a tiny house! Mommy and Daddy asked for everyone to be healthy and for the babies to come home soon!!

Drew has been relatively healthy this year, and the babies are making such great progress for how tiny they are. Everyone is off their IV's and nasal canulas. They are still on feeding tubes, but working hard on that sucking reflex. After all, bottles are probably more fun than a tube!

We hope to have their Christmas pictures soon...the nurses at the hospital like to have fun.

Love to all...and we hope to get our Christmas cards out soon!
Brian, Sara, Drew, Maddox, Parker, Emma and Jack.

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