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Beach Fun

Wednesday, December 30, 2009


Ready or not, the babies are meeting milestones and will soon be home. When I arrived at the NICU today I came around the corner to see Emma sitting on the nurses lap drinking a bottle. It was her second one of the day and she finished them both. She even let me know how delicious it was by letting out a gigantic burp. That means she will be moving into an open crib and then coming home. The nurse said about two weeks. I was so excited! Then I realized I would still have 3 babies in the NICU and one baby at home. Thats when fear set in...I may have even hit panic mode. I'm sure it will all be fine, I just need to let things sink in for a day or two.

Maddox is being a stinker. He just isn't ready to remember to breathe constantly. He is getting better with it, and it is normal for his premature age. I'm beginning to think he just likes to make the nurses come over and pay attention to him. He does have three other brothers to compete with!!

Parker and Jack are pretty quiet. Parker is nosey as ever and loves to play with the nurses. Jack likes to eat and cuddle. All three boys are going to try bottles over the weekend. I hope they catch on as quickly as Emma did.

Drew is good. Recovering from double ear infection, which kept us all up a few nights in a row. We are all very tired. A full week of sleep may do the trick!! We are planning on spending the new year hanging at home as a family and thinking about the babies as they celebrate in the NICU.

We hope everyone has a safe and Happy New Year!!
Love and hugs!!

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Kimberly & Alex said...

Yay for Emma! way to go girl. the boys will love the bottle too real soon.