Beach Fun

Beach Fun

Saturday, December 5, 2009


We arrived at the hospital today to babies who were ready to play. Maddox, Jack, and Emma are all off their CPAP machines and on a canula (a tube of oxygen that runs under their noses). Parker is still on CPAP, but expected to be off of it by Monday. Maddox and Jack were wide awake and very photogenic. Jack and Mommy cuddled and talked for a whole hour. It was wonderful to see him so interactive after the news of the brain bleed news on Thursday.

Maddox was also quite interactive which was great considering we've missed his awake time the last few days we've been there. Emma and Parker were napping well today. Parker got upset at diaper time, but who likes a wet diaper?? Overall the babies are doing wonderful. Rumor has it that with the hemocrit levels of the boys the brain bleeds have stopped and hopefully started to heal. We won't have definite answers on that until Thrusday.

Big brother Drew is doing great. He loves having Mommy home. He likes to look at pictures of the babies. We can't wait for him to actually see them for the first time. It really is hard when he can't visit the hospital due to the H1N1 restrictions. We are getting ready to visit Santa soon. We are hoping for a good visit and no tears.

Mommy and Daddy are doing well. Mommy got some antibiotics for her kidney infection and Daddy has been able to get some rest. We've managed to keep the house clean and do a round of grocery shopping!! What a relief...we can function with lots of kiddos!!

Have a great weekend.
Brian, Sara, and Drew


jag said...

Just found your blog! Congrats!

debbie said...

Sara it is wonderful to see the pictures of your babies especially the ones with their eyes open. I'm so glad it seems that things are going so well for them! I continue to keep you in my prayers as well as all the little ones! I know you can't wait to get them all home! Debbie

Kimberly & Alex said...

congratulations on having quads!
i am a quad mom with 3 1/2 month olds in illinois. i have some preemie and newborn cloths if you are interested e-mail me at

Andy and Lisa said...

Praying for you and your little ones.