Beach Fun

Beach Fun

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Busy Bodies!!

The busy bodies continue!! I love hearing those little running feet through the house. We've been so busy I haven't even vacuumed. That's against my OCD code.

Brian and started the week with work and VIRTUS training for Drew's school. It was very informative. We can now spot sexual predators a mile away. It was a requirement for us if we are going to volunteer in his school or go on field trips with him. Tuesday was PT day for Maddox and Parker and work. Wednesday was more work and multiples meeting so I took the kids to that with me. Today we had plastic surgeon for Emma and the boys had a playdate. On top of all that I've tried to play and keep up with everyday house chores. Tomorrow it's off to see farm animals at school. It should be fun. It's going to be nice weather.

We visited the plastic surgeon today for another follow up for Emma's cranial surgery last July. She looks great. Only a few concerns. Neurologically she is doing wonderful. No concerns there. Her eyebrow bones have not held up like they were hoping. During surgery they pulled the bones out and up. They are planning on correcting the bones when she is six. Until then, they want to give her skull a few years to completely heal. Her head will continue to smooth out in the next few years; it's quite bumpy right now. The other concern was with her vision. Her eyes wonder just a tad. If you watch very closely you can see it, I hadn't noticed it until 2 weeks ago. It's so slight in both eyes that he isn't too concerned. We will be seeing the opthamologist in another month. Both eyes adjust very quickly when she looks at something that they think it will correct itself. Will keep you updated on that.

Hoping for nice weather for everyone, it's time for Grey's and bed. This mama is TIRED!

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