Beach Fun

Beach Fun

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Daddy Put Me to Work!

Our spa getaway is approaching. I need it mentally, but Brian needs it phisically. Poor guy! He's cut the grass, worked on the basement, ripped out our rotted deck, and worked full time at work. No breaks allowed in this house. He's had some help at least. Drew has been a great supervisor in all of Brian's late evening projects. Drew loves to help. He drove the tractor with Brian while they cut the grass. While Brian trimmed the yard, Drew counted branches on a fruit tree in our yard. Last night while Brian ripped out the deck Drew made sure the wood pile for the bonfire got bigger and that his swing set was still in great climbing condition. Drew slept well last night!!

Maddox, Parker, Emma and Jack are doing well. They've learned how to throw themselves to the ground and have a humungous temper tantrum. Parker's biting phase seems to have ended. Jack has learned to kick a soccer ball around the house. Maddox is talking up a storm. He told me last "boo-boo". He had fallen and gotten a boo-boo. Emma must think she's getting a cell phone soon. She likes to take my phone and say namma (grandma). She and grandma have some good conversations. She's such a girl.

Drew is doing great. We ordered his school supplies for preschool this coming fall. He got to pick out his own green backpack. It was nice, I spent less on the ordering website than I would've at the store and it already had everything he needed. If your school has a code to log in with I highly recommend it. It's

We will post pics of our projects in progress in another post. I want to wait for before and after pictures.

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The McCleary Quads said...

We hear ya about no breaks allowed in the house. We are always constantly doing something. We are also in the same boat with you, having kids just throw themselves to the floor and throwing temper tantrums, ours have been off an on for the last few months.

The McCleary Quads