Beach Fun

Beach Fun

Friday, May 13, 2011

On Like Donkey Kong!

So we've been busy this past week! They kids have been wrestling like crazy. Brian even joined the action. They all love it. It's the best to hear them all laughing and getting a little roughed up. Such good exercise and bad social skills!! Haha, I should start saving bail money now for the teen and college years.

Brian and I spent two days at the West Baden Resort and Spa in French Lick, Indiana this past week. He won an award through work so we spent Wednesday in a couples massage, napping, dinning, at the awards ceremony and the casino. Brian tried out the blackjack table. He didn't do too bad! I think he really liked it. I won a little on the slots. I have to say it was a late night....we haven't been out that late in long time. I'm thinking since Drew was a few months old...that's like three years!! Thursday we woke up early and came home. Such a bad habbit when you have kids.

Today I took the squad to the zoo. Yes, just me. All by myself. No help. Usually people don't seem to bug me with their comments; however, today some guy had the guts to tell me I brought the zoo to the zoo. I replied to his comment with "Your mom forgot to leave you in your cage."
A lady who was also standing there gauking at me applauded and told me how beautiful my children were. It made me feel much better.

A lot of people ask "How do you do it?" There's really not much to it. Everyone gets everything at the same time. Diapers, lunch, snack, sippy, etc. If I didn't do it this way, I'd be doing the same task all day. Yes, I'm busy but you learn to adjust. I don't sit while the babies are awake. We play, do laundry, go on walks, do dishes, they help with a lot. The squad loves to sweep, mop, and vacuum. They play together most of the time so I am able to do other things like scrub bathrooms and pay bills. Most of the time during nap I play Wii with Drew. It's his one on one time. I've always been a firm believer in getting the kids out and about for a change of pace and to let them experience life outside of our house(except during rsv season). I think it also allows them to learn how to act in public. Sometimes it's tough with Drew when his listening ears malfunction but we've been pretty successful with all the places we've been. I will admit it's a lot of work, but well worth it!

This has been quite the post. I better save some for the next time.

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