Beach Fun

Beach Fun

Monday, May 23, 2011

Rough Week....It's Only Monday!

After all the rain I wondered what it would feel like to be back outside. I found it to be a nightmare!

The rain ended and our patio was finished. We got some new patio furniture on Saturday. My sister kept the kiddos for a sleepover and Brian and I went out. We ate at Olive Garden came home and started to assemble some new furniture. Sunday I picked up my cranky kiddos and came home. But not before Drew could face plant into the floor giving himself a bloody nose at my sisters. That was just the beginning!

Brian came home from work and started to cut the grass. Drew helped then decided he would play on the swing set while I put the quads in bed. I went outside to help put the rest of the patio furniture together that we hadn't finished the evening before. I turned to see Drew hanging by one hand on the monkey bars. He fell before I could get to him, landing on his wrist. He cried for quite a while and we decided it was best to take him for x-rays. Finally around 11 P.M. the doctor came and told me he had a buckle fracture. He is currently in a sugar splint. The swelling in his arm was still too much for a cast at that time. He will see the orthopaedic doctor in the morning for a cast. He will have to wear that for 4-6 weeks. Most defintely not how I wanted to start summer break. This means no swimming, short bathtime, no wii, and limited swing set activity. :( At least it's not something that required surgery. We are glad he's ok.

Looking forward to lots of summer evenings outside with the kids and relaxing on the patio.


Bev Johnston said...

Poor kid!!! Hope he heals quick!!!

Kari said...

And I thought my Monday was bad! Hope he feels better soon.