Beach Fun

Beach Fun

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Bite Me!

Brian and I suspected Parker of biting Maddox and Emma. Today I confirmed it. Parker is guilty!! I watched him bite Jack today as they both stood in front of me.

I hate yelling at Parker because he looks down and pouts. It makes me want to laugh and cry at the same time. He knows when I mean business. Not that he always follows through with the don't touch commands, but he defintely understands. Maddox laughs when you yell at him and keeps on doing what he's doing most of the time. Jack gives the long pause and thinks about it. Emma either cries or walks away. Drew...well, he's three and lets just leave it at that!

Today has been a rough day. I ended up not feeling the greatest and was at the end of my rope by 3pm. The weather has been miserable here and we've had serious cabin fever. LET US OUT!!! Apparently our good listening ears took a vacation, the babies were out of sorts, and like I said the weather sucked. We spent almost 45 minutes in the basement which is still under repair from flooding about 5-6 weeks ago for a tornado warning.

I'm so ready to have the basement back to normal. I could let the kids down there to play and get all our other toys out for a change of pace. Brian is doing a really nice job and working on it when he can. He's been doing it alone and it's a big space. I would also like to paint so that will add some time and effort one of these fine weekends. WHO WANTS TO PLAY WITH THE KIDS FOR THE WEEKEND??? Once the basement is finished I won't have to keep the kids locked in their pack and plays during bad weather. At least they can run and play.

Hoping for a break in the weather...until then this mama is CRAZY! Hope everyone is doing well and sleeps tight.


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Jen said...

I know what you mean about the weather. We are going CRAZY. It is cold and rainy and we have hardly seen the sun! I guess at least the snow is over!! :o) Good Luck. Hope the basement is finished soon!!!