Beach Fun

Beach Fun

Friday, April 1, 2011

It's Flat, and I Wish It Were Flat

Needless to say my house needs a new painted interior. I know I've complained before....WHY DO PEOPLE USE FLAT PAINT? It's so not child friendly. Especially when you have five! Where is grandma when you need them?? I'm itching to paint and decorate just to get rid of all the toy marks and hand prints on my walls.

Phase one of the backyard is complete! YAY Brian! He's become such a handy man. He's come such a long way in the 10 years we've been together. Love you lots Brian!! I can honestly say I've relaxed quite a bit when it comes to home repair. He used to make me so nervous. We have a completed sandbox ready for five happy children, a quad friendly swing set with mini clubhouse and slide and a Drew friendly jungle gym and swings. The quads I'm sure will need help navigating the jungle gym. Our only problem is our backyard slopes. GRR...I wish it were FLAT! It's going to be loads of fun. I just want it would warm up and STOP raining already. Phase two will entail a patio. We will be waiting until the basement is finished for that project.

I'm still waiting to take the quads on their first bike ride. They will love it. It's April and I want it really too much to ask for? The Mario theme song on the wii is really getting to me. Almost time for Maddox to have therapy so I have to run. Hope to post playtime pictures soon!


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