Beach Fun

Beach Fun

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Let's be Hoppy!

I guess I have lots of mixed emotions right now. I'm happy I've been able to have date night with Brian this week and the kids had a wonderful time at Stacy and Nicks. We were able to see the Easter Bunny and no one cried. Drew is fully potty trained and doing great. I'm sad because my washer died and before long we're gonna be naked. At least my water bill is paid so we won't stink. I've has lots of germs floating through the house lately so that has me a bit down too.

Brian has been working hard on the basement. It's starting to take shape, but is taking forever. I hate to even think that we still need to keep up with lawn mowing, playtime, walks, groceries all on top of the basement. But...gotta love summer and warm weather. Brian was working on it last night and I went down and threw out the idea of painting and all that since we will either have to touch up the paint I absolutely hate or make it pretty with something I LOVE! He said he'd think about it. I want to make it cozy for scary movies. BUHAHAHA.

Not too many other developments here in the house. The babies are talking up a storm. Maddox said "Thank you" and "cheese" two days ago. Jack is learning to run, Parker has learning to climb down things that he climbs up, and Emma has learned to dial grandma from my phone. Total girl! Love my munchkins!!

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