Beach Fun

Beach Fun

Thursday, April 21, 2011

I am the MOLE!!

Do you remember that tv show? Brian and I made a bet after watching the first episode. I don't recall if either of us was right, but it was fun to watch.

Yesterday after nap I got the kids out of bed and thought I would do a tooth check. I always like to see who has acquired more teeth. To my surprise Parker had a top molar!! YAY. Therefore "the MOLE" nickname. Jack now has six teeth, Emma and Maddox still hanging with four each. The squad has been very chatty lately. I LOVE IT! More new words come out everyday. Drew told me yesterday "Mommy, I'm handsome" and today he said "P" is for pig and "b" is for ball. Maybe I have a neurosurgeon or the next director of NASA sitting next to me. He's super smart.

It's been cold here the last few days with all this rain. Makes me want to nap! The forecast for the rest of the week isn't looking very promising. :( Hope everyone enjoys Easter.


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