Beach Fun

Beach Fun

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

So Big!

The kids are getting so big!

I put a new pair of pants on Drew yesterday and they were SHORT! Poor kiddo looks like he's going to the flood. He's 3 and wearing 3T clothes, but these pants (which were a 3T) looked a bit small. The quads are now 16 months (13 adjusted) and chatting up a storm. They all have between 10 and 15 words each. They have started hitting each other. Parker has decided he should start biting. :( All four babies are walking and still love cuddling when they get the chance.

The backyard is really taking shape. The sandbox and the swing set are both finished. Drew played in the sandbox on Monday, but it's been too cold to play the last two days. We bought replacement flooring for the basement last night. Brian is going to put them in himself to save a little money. We also had to replace our back-up sump pump and that wasn't covered by insurance. After we complete the basement we will atempt a patio in the backyard. It will be a little time consuming, considering we are doing the projects ourselves with five children.

I've been enjoying the week off for spring break. I've been cleaning quite a bit. I just need to finish putting laundry away and I would love to vacuum. I feel so scummy when I don't vacuum as often. Guess I can thank the kid from sixth grade who used to tease me because of my last name. I was never a dirty kid, but he seemed to think I have OCD. At least it benefits my family...we are squeaky clean!

Hoping to see spring soon!
Love to all

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The McCleary Quads said...

Oh no... not the biting. I think ours have pretty much gotten out of the biting stage, it doesn't happen as often as it did several months ago. So hopefully they'll grow out of it soon when they start using their words more.

The McCleary Quads