Beach Fun

Beach Fun

Friday, March 4, 2011

Kung Fu Fighting!

I recently set this song as my ringtone on my phone. It makes me laugh. Everyone needs a good laugh right?? The quads have been working hard on standing independently and walking. They are doing well...except for the battle wounds received from them pulling up on each other. I am shocked that Emma has any hair left. Parker likes to use her head as a rope. Poor girl. I love watching their faces as they realize they are standing alone. PRICELESS!

I wish I could say the backyard was moving as fast as the babies. The sandbox is ready to head out to the yard. The swing set is partially assembled in the garage. Brian has been working six days a week, so he's been working on it late at night or during nap. The weather has not been as cooperative either. :( I'm beginning to get cabin fever along with the kiddos. WE NEED OUT!

We did try a new activity this week. FINGER PAINTS! Only two of five kiddos tried to eat it. Thank goodness it's non-toxic. :) They made beautiful art. I only did one quad at a time. Drew has painted lots before so no worries there! I'm not brave enough to do all four at once.

Hugs and happy thoughts to you all.


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