Beach Fun

Beach Fun

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Super Mario Bros.

Drew loves the Wii. He's always Mario, and he's getting really good. Brian and I recently hooked up Netflix on the Wii as well. You can watch the old tv show/cartoon on it. If you recall they were plumbers. Lets just say they could've come in handy on Saturday night!

We got quite a bit of rain starting Thursday night and all through Sunday. I knew it would be tough staying motivated and happy in such yucky weather. I mananged to finish the laundry, put it away, finish dishes, baths, and sit down. All before Brian came home on Friday night. He got up around 5am on Saturday and heard a beeping in the basement. He went down to check it out. It turns out we had a leaking pipe. The one pipe in the house you can't turn off....THE SUMP PUMP. It wasn't bad so he said he would call the home warranty people to have a plumber come and look at it.

Meanwhile the beeping continued and I periodically check the pipe. Around the kids nap time I checked the pipe again and realized it was getting worse and we hadn't heard back yet. I tied a bottle of Tide laundry detergent to the pipe to slow the water coming in. By bedtime the basement was flooding. We called the warranty people who tried to call someone else. No one was available. They told us to start calling plumbers and they would fully reimburse us for the cost. Around midnight a plumber shows up. Only to tell us the pipe broke due to the main sump pump failing and the back up sump pump vibrating so hard to keep up with the flow of water. The plumber replaced the main sump pump and drained the water out of the basement, but the laminate flooring is ruined. He was here until 3am working.

Our insurance company sent out a restoration company Sunday and they immediately took out the floor and put in fans and a dehumidifier to dry out the basement. They will check the moisture level and for mold, spots on the drywall and baseboards before giving the insurance company the ok to let us pick out new floors and have them installed. They want to make sure we don't need a mold crew in there or have any other problems. I'm having the washer and dryer checked tomorrow. The dryer has water that seeps out of the knob and out of the bottom. I don't need to worry about the new floor under that. Maddox's lungs don't need anymore problems to deal with, especially any kind of mold. It might take a few weeks to get it put back together, but we will be patient and make sure it's done right.

We've been so busy with the basement, that we almost missed the quads latest and greatest accomplishments yet. Emma, Parker, and Jack are standing for long periods independently. WAHOO! Maddox is a full time big boy crawler and beginning to try to stand independently. It's great to watch them grow. They all have a growing vocabulary. Everyone has at least a vocabulary of 11 words. So proud of my babies!

Hope everyone has a great week as we continue to dry out here in Indy!

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