Beach Fun

Beach Fun

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Best Friends

It melts my heart so see the love my quad mama's have for me. I couldn't love a group of mama's more! We've been through it all together. Boogers, RSV, surgeries, stressful days and the best days. We've shared pictures, text messages, phone calls, and emails at all hours of the night. I'm hoping and praying for things to work out to be able to meet some of the most beautiful and most understanding girls out there. This would mean convincing my husband....Brian Scott, I love you and need this trip to Quad-vention!

I've been watching the quads and Drew quite closely this past week. It's been great to see how Drew has started to interact with them. He is starting to share his toys a little better, sitting down and talking to them and playing with them. He's been wrestling with them too. I get a little nervous, but he's a boy and it's what boys do, I guess. I LOVE watching the quads talk together at the table. They speak quadaneese...and it's super cute. They shake their heads and use their hands and giggle. I hope they will always be this close and the best friends any of them could ever have. My five children are the BEST! I could never love anything or anyone more.

As for my husband and best friend I love you more than words can explain. I just don't feel like I tell you enough. I LOVE YOU!



Kari said...

Brian, we would all love you if Sara can convince you that she NEEDS this trip and WE NEED HER! Thanks!

The McCleary Quads said...

When and where is this next Quad-vention at? I've seen the posts on last years one, my wife would like to attend the next one if she can.

The McCleary Quads