Beach Fun

Beach Fun

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Dance Party USA

I used to watch that show on MTV. Did you?? Man, that was a long time ago. I know we are all starting to feel a bit old! I bought a kids music CD from Target about two or three weeks ago. My kids love it. It's made by Parents Magazine and has a ton of favorites on there. It not only wears the kids out, but lets them run around the house and yell and have fun without getting on my nerves. I'm so glad all five of the kids got my dance moves. :) They all have been doing Ring Around the Rosey for a few months now. This song is also on the CD. While eating lunch today I heard Jack singing. Yes, you guessed it. He was singing Ring Around the Rosey and I heard him sing "A$$es all down". LOL! I love when my days bring moments like this. It's the best!!

I also wanted to update on Parker. I've known for a few months that he was tongue tied. He was not chewing food properly, sucking food out of his cheeks, he was choking sometimes, and couldn't move his tongue to reach all areas of his mouth. I took him to be evaluated by an ENT and he agreed. He thought it was best to sedate Parker because he's one tough dude. It took three of us to hold him just to evaluate his mouth. We were in and out of the surgery center in no time. Just under two hours! He's been a little cranky but not too bad. I'm hoping he will regain full oral function without therapy. I'll give him a few days to explore on his own with it before I get people involved.

The basement is almost done. Painting is finished, the floor is done, and Brian is working on base boards! It's looking great. I can't wait to start cleaning and putting it back together. I mean with toys and furniture. :) I'm headed to nap, Brian is taking the afternoon shift. WAHOOO!

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