Beach Fun

Beach Fun

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Down on the Farm!

Maybe a field trip to the farm is needed. The kids have learned the words to Old MacDonald and are now starting to associate their sounds to animal names. Emma loves the cow, Parker was balking like a chicken yesterday, Maddox likes the horse and told his OT neigh last week, and Jack likes the duck. Although he doesn't say quack he signs it. Everyone loves the dog and has just this week started barking at BINGO the song.

For those of you who read my Facebook post last night, you know it was a bad day yesterday. It started out with having to wake Drew at 7am. He's not an early riser, loves to sleep in. We headed to his allergy appt which went fine and came back home. I hadn't slept well and was cranky, Drew was tired and cranky, and then Brian got upset thinking I wasn't being a good parent. It always seems to be the case when it comes to punishing Drew. Anyways, Brian left for work and Jack ran head first into the fireplace and cut his head open. Don't worry, nothing major, while I was taking care of him Emma dove head first off the end table and landed on her face. Drew didn't want to listen and Parker and Maddox, who knows what they did all day. I was in such a fog. I was glad to hit the sack last night.

Today has been much better, I got Emma's dress in the mail today for my sisters wedding. Super adorable on her. Everyone is in a better mood and Aunt Stacy is coming over after work. Yippee! Time to get a move on the laundry, going to fold it before I get chatty Cathy (Emma) out of bed. I can hear her talking now.

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