Beach Fun

Beach Fun

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Pass the Puffs!

I'm so glad I share well with others! This week I have shared a blizzard from DQ, M&M's, and my bowl of Cocoa Puffs with the kids. I really do try to give my kids everything, even my food. It's a good thing they are super cute. :)

I took the afternoon off to swim with Drew today. It was a blast. It felt so good to cool off too. Brian was nice enough to get up with the kids this morning and let me sleep in. BLISS!! I hurried to finish laundry and cleaning bathrooms so I could just hang this afternoon. I intend on finishing the first paint color in the basement later tonight. That is after the squad goes to bed. We had a minor detour in the fixing the house plan. Don't get me wrong, our house is in great shape...we are still working on the basement and the backyard a little. We had a minor leak in the master bath. Nothing major, just a cracked toilet tank that needed to be replaced. Brian spent two nights working on that as he needed to work during the day. Making Drew monies!! Haha.

The quads are doing great. Learning a ton of new words. I taught them how to shake their booty this week. It's great. They shake it well! We've been learning Pat-A-Cake and Old MacDonald. They've known Wheels on the Bus for a while now. My squad is so much fun. Emma right now is coloring....attempting circles. I can hear her say "sikle". The boys are still napping. Thank goodness, those boys had a rough morning. Boys are a little brutal. Parker had two time outs for biting today. Maddox and Jack were just victims and spent the morning in tears. Oh Emma is walking around with Drew's stuffed snake making hissing sounds. Super cute, as much as I hate snakes.

Drew is wonderful. He loves to swim, play Wii, and play with the babies. He starts preschool in 7 weeks. He have to pick up his school uniforms and supplies in two weeks. He will be spending a week with Grandma in Wisconsin in a few weeks too. He's ready for Aunt Stacy and Uncle Nick's wedding in October. He askes me all the time if we get to go to their party (reception) today. Haha. We are gearing up to be in "wedding" mode as we have showers and dress/tux fittings coming up.

Hope you're staying cool in the heat!

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