Beach Fun

Beach Fun

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Inside, Outside, Upside Down!

My little peeps have been worn out!! Grandma and Papa came to Indy and we played until we dropped. Inside, outside, and upside down. We swam, played on the swing set, ran the halls of the house and jumped on the couch. My squad is always tired when grandma and papa have to leave. Although I wonder how grandma and papa are feeling when they leave here.

The babies slept through the fireworks as we set them off in the backyard. Brian and I decided we weren't ready to take the kids out to a fireworks show yet. Too many kids to wrestle in too big of a crowd. Maybe next year.

Work on the basement has slowed a little. It's been so nice outside and the kids had been sick we just haven't had time. Brian only has the bathroom and base boards left to finish. I need to finish painting around the ceiling and the floor along with two other walls which will be a different color. I can't wait for it to be put back together.

I'm tired and headed to bed...playdate tomorrow and Friday. YUP...that's two this week. Hope the kids are resting well, play time begins at 9:30!

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