Beach Fun

Beach Fun

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

So Big!

The kids are getting so big!

I put a new pair of pants on Drew yesterday and they were SHORT! Poor kiddo looks like he's going to the flood. He's 3 and wearing 3T clothes, but these pants (which were a 3T) looked a bit small. The quads are now 16 months (13 adjusted) and chatting up a storm. They all have between 10 and 15 words each. They have started hitting each other. Parker has decided he should start biting. :( All four babies are walking and still love cuddling when they get the chance.

The backyard is really taking shape. The sandbox and the swing set are both finished. Drew played in the sandbox on Monday, but it's been too cold to play the last two days. We bought replacement flooring for the basement last night. Brian is going to put them in himself to save a little money. We also had to replace our back-up sump pump and that wasn't covered by insurance. After we complete the basement we will atempt a patio in the backyard. It will be a little time consuming, considering we are doing the projects ourselves with five children.

I've been enjoying the week off for spring break. I've been cleaning quite a bit. I just need to finish putting laundry away and I would love to vacuum. I feel so scummy when I don't vacuum as often. Guess I can thank the kid from sixth grade who used to tease me because of my last name. I was never a dirty kid, but he seemed to think I have OCD. At least it benefits my family...we are squeaky clean!

Hoping to see spring soon!
Love to all

Friday, March 25, 2011

Just Toddling Around!

I waited to post due to well baby visits with the pedi, but WE HAVE 3 WALKING QUADS! Emma, Jack, and Maddox are all toddling around. Parker won't be far behind. He is trying so hard to walk. His poor feet just don't want to move. I love seeing the excitment on their faces.

We've been playing in the unfinished backyard a bit. Brian just needs to order sand for the sand box and that will be fully functional. Papa and Gwamma (from Wisconsin) are coming after work today and spending the weekend down here. Hopefully Brian and Papa can finish the swing set so we can play on it. Soon we'll hopefully be working on the patio. First things first though....THE BASEMENT! We are currently waiting on the checks from insurance to replace the flooring and base boards. Then onto the bathroom in the basement. It's gonna be a long process, but I'm willing to wait. It's gonna be beautiful again and we can watch some movies in the theatre that's down there.

I took the kiddos to the pedi this week for their 15 month check ups. They did so good.
Maddox: 18lbs 8oz, 29 1/4 inches long
Parker: 23lbs 3oz, 30 1/2 inches long
Emma: 21lbs 2oz, 28 1/4 inches long
Jack: 21lbs 11oz. 29 1/2 inches long

They are not too delayed in development. Right where they should be for adjusted age. I'm so glad the quads are doing well. As for Drew; he's also been doing a great job around the house. He can trace and spell his name. Trace and count numbers to 20, name all his colors, potty on the potty, and is an expert at Mario.

Thats all I have for now, I wish I were napping!!
Hugs to all

P.S. backyard pics to come soon!!

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Oh the Pets You Can Get!!

It's been an interesting week. We've played outside, inside, and been to the zoo. I think it got Drew thinking. It reminds me of the book by Dr. Suess, Oh the Pets You Can Get! That doesn't include snakes. It's one of Drew's favorites to see at the zoo. I think Jack has decided he likes turtles and everyone else really seemed to like the sting rays. It most certainly was a perfect day

at the zoo.

We played on the small clubhouse we had for Drew when he was just one. The quads loved it. Drew is still waiting for Daddy to finish his new swing set. Daddy however is waiting for the weather to cooperate and some much needed time at home. I backyard makeover is taking much longer than expected. Drew and I did rake up all the sticks and leaves yesterday so we can see lots of green grass growing. That's a plus!!

We should be hearing back from the insurance company tomorrow to get our estimate for repair work. I can't wait to have the basement back to normal. It's a little creepy with the cold cement floors and basement smell down there. It's so much better finished!! It will be exciting picking out new floors. It makes me want to redo my kitchen and hang curtains. However; the people who lived here before us used flat paint. DUMB, DUMB, DUMB. I can't wash the nasty dirt off without taking the paint off. Which means I have to repaint. Why waste my time. I will repaint with something else and be done!!

Well, I hear babies stirring upstairs, that means it's BATH TIME. Grocery shopping later....YUCK!


Sunday, March 13, 2011

Best Friends

It melts my heart so see the love my quad mama's have for me. I couldn't love a group of mama's more! We've been through it all together. Boogers, RSV, surgeries, stressful days and the best days. We've shared pictures, text messages, phone calls, and emails at all hours of the night. I'm hoping and praying for things to work out to be able to meet some of the most beautiful and most understanding girls out there. This would mean convincing my husband....Brian Scott, I love you and need this trip to Quad-vention!

I've been watching the quads and Drew quite closely this past week. It's been great to see how Drew has started to interact with them. He is starting to share his toys a little better, sitting down and talking to them and playing with them. He's been wrestling with them too. I get a little nervous, but he's a boy and it's what boys do, I guess. I LOVE watching the quads talk together at the table. They speak quadaneese...and it's super cute. They shake their heads and use their hands and giggle. I hope they will always be this close and the best friends any of them could ever have. My five children are the BEST! I could never love anything or anyone more.

As for my husband and best friend I love you more than words can explain. I just don't feel like I tell you enough. I LOVE YOU!


Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Super Mario Bros.

Drew loves the Wii. He's always Mario, and he's getting really good. Brian and I recently hooked up Netflix on the Wii as well. You can watch the old tv show/cartoon on it. If you recall they were plumbers. Lets just say they could've come in handy on Saturday night!

We got quite a bit of rain starting Thursday night and all through Sunday. I knew it would be tough staying motivated and happy in such yucky weather. I mananged to finish the laundry, put it away, finish dishes, baths, and sit down. All before Brian came home on Friday night. He got up around 5am on Saturday and heard a beeping in the basement. He went down to check it out. It turns out we had a leaking pipe. The one pipe in the house you can't turn off....THE SUMP PUMP. It wasn't bad so he said he would call the home warranty people to have a plumber come and look at it.

Meanwhile the beeping continued and I periodically check the pipe. Around the kids nap time I checked the pipe again and realized it was getting worse and we hadn't heard back yet. I tied a bottle of Tide laundry detergent to the pipe to slow the water coming in. By bedtime the basement was flooding. We called the warranty people who tried to call someone else. No one was available. They told us to start calling plumbers and they would fully reimburse us for the cost. Around midnight a plumber shows up. Only to tell us the pipe broke due to the main sump pump failing and the back up sump pump vibrating so hard to keep up with the flow of water. The plumber replaced the main sump pump and drained the water out of the basement, but the laminate flooring is ruined. He was here until 3am working.

Our insurance company sent out a restoration company Sunday and they immediately took out the floor and put in fans and a dehumidifier to dry out the basement. They will check the moisture level and for mold, spots on the drywall and baseboards before giving the insurance company the ok to let us pick out new floors and have them installed. They want to make sure we don't need a mold crew in there or have any other problems. I'm having the washer and dryer checked tomorrow. The dryer has water that seeps out of the knob and out of the bottom. I don't need to worry about the new floor under that. Maddox's lungs don't need anymore problems to deal with, especially any kind of mold. It might take a few weeks to get it put back together, but we will be patient and make sure it's done right.

We've been so busy with the basement, that we almost missed the quads latest and greatest accomplishments yet. Emma, Parker, and Jack are standing for long periods independently. WAHOO! Maddox is a full time big boy crawler and beginning to try to stand independently. It's great to watch them grow. They all have a growing vocabulary. Everyone has at least a vocabulary of 11 words. So proud of my babies!

Hope everyone has a great week as we continue to dry out here in Indy!

Friday, March 4, 2011

Kung Fu Fighting!

I recently set this song as my ringtone on my phone. It makes me laugh. Everyone needs a good laugh right?? The quads have been working hard on standing independently and walking. They are doing well...except for the battle wounds received from them pulling up on each other. I am shocked that Emma has any hair left. Parker likes to use her head as a rope. Poor girl. I love watching their faces as they realize they are standing alone. PRICELESS!

I wish I could say the backyard was moving as fast as the babies. The sandbox is ready to head out to the yard. The swing set is partially assembled in the garage. Brian has been working six days a week, so he's been working on it late at night or during nap. The weather has not been as cooperative either. :( I'm beginning to get cabin fever along with the kiddos. WE NEED OUT!

We did try a new activity this week. FINGER PAINTS! Only two of five kiddos tried to eat it. Thank goodness it's non-toxic. :) They made beautiful art. I only did one quad at a time. Drew has painted lots before so no worries there! I'm not brave enough to do all four at once.

Hugs and happy thoughts to you all.