Beach Fun

Beach Fun

Friday, December 31, 2010

Bringing in the new year!

Happy New Year!!

We aren't making any plans for the evening, just to relax and enjoy each others company. I keep praying that 2011 will be a much healthier year for the Scott family. I just read on a friends blog that her little boy has MPV and is in PICU for the second time. This is what Maddox had in Feb/March of this past year. I'm hoping for no repeats. I'm praying for a fast recovery for her little boy too.

I don't have much time to blog today because it's nap time and Drew wants desperately wants to play puzzles. So I have to run, but we wish everyone a Happy New Year!!

Love and Hugs!

Thursday, December 23, 2010


I feel Deja Vu! Not many of you know this but when Drew was a baby we went through a rough period of time where he had chronic vomiting and diahrrea for weeks. It happened at 8 months of age then again shortly after he turned 1. I fear that Emma has it too. She's been sick for about 2 weeks now. No one else has been sick like she has and she is following with the same symptoms that Drew had. I took her to the pediatrician today and they said she looks fine (as did Drew when I first took him in) and to keep up with what we've been doing. They are going to run stool samples and see if anything turns up. As of right now the pedi is thinking she is still reacting badly to an antibiotic she had about a month ago and it's causing an infection. We will see. After weeks of consulting with our regular Dr for Drew I finally took him to Riley Children's Hospital; they never found anything but a bad reaction to him drinking juice and a high alkphosphatase level. I've already called to get Emma in at Riley, but she doesn't drink juice. I'm beginning to wonder if it's genetic?? I will ask if they don't find anything with Emma. There is most definitely something going on. Drew still has mini episodes of this and I am one frustrated Mama!

Other than our poopy drama, we are all good. Waiting to see what Santa is going to leave under our tree! Hope I made the nice list....

Merry Christmas everyone!
Love to all.

Monday, December 20, 2010

More Birthday Fun!!

Wow! It's almost Christmas....Santa is getting ready to head to the Scott house. Cookies are made, the tree is up and we all made the nice list this year. Well, so far. Some days are questionable. :) I shouldn't Christmas tree is still standing. YAY!

It's been interesting the last few weeks. Now that we have 4 crawlers and everyone is beginning to pull up and get into things it's total craziness. Maybe more like a big wrestling arena. I feel like I'm constantly calming someone.

Drew had his third birthday party. He had a blast. So did the quads. We went swimming with family and friends. It was great to see them all. Drew got a big boy bike, a mobigo, and more. His favorite thing seems to be the snow outside. If only it didn't take 30 minutes to get everyone dressed and out the door just to play in some frozen water!! We did go out a few days ago. The babies loved it. Well, until Emma face planted in the snow. It's harm done! She was fine after a good brushing off and some kisses.

If I'm not able to post again before Christmas, everyone have a safe and very Merry Christmas.

Love to all!!

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Happy Birthday!

Well, the quads are now 1! They enjoyed their first birthday by eating Thanksgiving feast. Plates were emptied and then they enjoyed cake. What a yummy mess! They had a small party with just close family. We decided to have a bigger party with friends and distance family with Drew and the quads together.

We planned the party at the aquatic center. All the babies(except Jack) and Drew love the water. Jack likes water, but isn't as enthusiastic about it as the others. He would rather love on you! They had a blast. Drew is like a fish...he put on a life jacket and swam his way out to the 5 ft deep part of the pool. The babies sat in the zero depth part of the pool and splashed like no tomorrow! What a blast we all had.

We put up the Christmas tree and it's still standing!! Yay. We've had a few minor issues....Parker and Maddox! Parker is drawn to a big red sparkly ornament and Maddox likes the silver one next to it.

We've been busy swapping out infant toys with some 12 month toys. The babies are starting to pull up on things so it's time to get big toys out. It's been great telling them things and they correctly follow directions. My babies are GENIUS!!

I believe nap is over....I hear babies!


Saturday, November 20, 2010

Brian won this battle!

Never in my life has our Christmas tree been up before Thanksgiving. This year we put it up the week before. With Brian and I working crazy hours to get around paying for daycare our time was limited. He will be working holiday hours and with family coming and holiday events this was about the only time we had to get our stuff out.

I did manage to muster up the energy to take a few pictures of the kids with the tree yesterday. They didn't do too bad. I would still like to play with the pictures a little before making Christmas cards. Maybe that will be my late night project tonight. Drew is going to spend the night at Aunt Stacy's house. I think they are going to camp out in the living room. You know, when you put sheets or blankets up across the counch and the tables or between the chairs and get inside! Brings back lots of fun childhood memories!!

My other late night project is to wrap presents. Boy has my wrapping workload quadrupled!! hehehe. I just hope it goes smoothly and then I'll just need to find a good hiding spot.

I'm gearing up for the babies 1st birthday this week. I'm slowly coming to terms that they will be a year old. I don't feel like they are that old. Either way, I still think they are the cutest and sweetest babies ever. I am one lucky mommy.
Birthday pictures will post soon!

Hugs to all, and have a Happy Thanksgiving!!

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Time to catch up.

Woopsies! I didn't realize it had been almost a month since I've posted. I guess I've been too busy. :(

Well, we had a fabulous Halloween. We participated in our neighborhood's Halloween parade with the fire dept. located just up the street. I took them to their first Halloween party at one of my friends house and then we Trick-or-Treated! They loved it.

We've been getting ready for birthday's and the upcoming holidays already. Can you believe the quads will be one in less than two weeks?? YIKES! They are learning so much, so fast. Jack and Emma are crawling, Maddox and Parker are starting to figure it out. The try to scoot forward, so that's progres! They love pancakes. The weather has been so nice out lately. Yesterday was 74 degrees, so we went to the zoo. Yes, I took all 5 kids to the zoo by myself. They are so well behaved that it really isn't hard. We had a blast. Drew loved the cheetahs. We didn't get to see them last time we were there because they were hiding. Yesterday there were three laying about 50 feet from us. I was surprised at how small they really are. I was thinking they were as big as the tigers.

I'm really excited for Christmas. Not so much about the presents and the shopping but about getting really cute pictures. I know, such a MOM THING TO SAY! Hahahaha. I know the babies will be into the tree like crazy, but it's going to be fun. They were all still in the NICU last year. It will be nice to spend our holidays here at home (our new home) as a family. :)

Hugs to all!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

All Patched Up!

The quads made their first trip to the pumpkin patch. They did so well. There was so much to see! Drew had a blast too. We went with our good friends; the Farleys. Yes, Drew took the love of his life, Kiersten Mae! They climbed a straw mountain, rode a pony, took the hayride out to the pumpkin patch and ran around together.

We are just waiting to carve them with Grandma and Papa. They will be arriving Thursday! That means lots of cuddles coming and Emma's new dresser. It's not brand new, but new to her. It belonged to my great Grandma, and was passed onto my mother as a child. It had been at my grandparents house until now. My aunt and mom thought it would be nice for Emma to have. I'm really excited about having it for her.

No new developments in the house. Just maybe thinking about some furniture rearranging. I'm about to get rid of all our baby swings and some of the bouncy seats. It will make a little more crawling and rolling space. I guess a little more Toy Story space too...we have the entire set and more. Buzz and Woody are everywhere!


Friday, October 8, 2010

Getting Settled.

We are 95% unpacked! We have a few items left but plan on spending the weekend with the kiddos and nothing else. We plan on going a few places and are probably going to want to drop by the time we get home. I guess that's life!!

We took the kids fall pictures this week. It was so nice outside we couldn't resist. They turned out really good, I was shocked. It's not everyday these guys sit still for more than a milisecond! Jack is crawling, Emma is super close to crawling. Parker is rolling like crazy and Maddox rolls until runs into someone or something then laughs histerically. Drew is good. He's learning how to share his big boy toys. It's been tough. Sometimes he gives the babies the line "that's Drew's, it's a no-no." I love my life!!

Brian and I are loving the new house with all this space. It's more to clean, but I'm no longer triping over bouncy seats, blankets, or toys. Just mobile babies!! Work has kept us from really spending much time together, but it's totally worth it right now. We are doing what we have to so our kids can have everything they deserve.

I'm going to bed....CAUSE I'M POOPED! (Imagine that!!)


Saturday, September 25, 2010

It's too loud!

We moved! Yup and still managing to keep ourselves sane. The kids took the move well....I guess. Moving day was the longest day of my life. The kiddos got up at 7:30 and we never looked back. They managed to skip naps and make it to bed late. Our first day here was the second longest day of my life. CRANKY PANTS EVERYWHERE!! So today was our third day was not too bad. Drew is bored, and the babies well...they are starting to entertain themselves. My goal tomorrow is to unpack toys.

We did go for a walk in the neighborhood today. We only saw half of it. It's beautiful when your not driving and multi-tasking. I met a few more of the neighbors. They are wonderful. One of them brought brownies. YAY! Drew loves the yard. It will be a little better once we get his swingset over here. That should be the only thing left at the old house....other than Kiersten Mae; his best friend.

Since we've moved we've had quite a few laughs. First off, Drew was talking about his birthday....not something Brian and I have brought up. He said he wants a swimming party. Pretty do-able...I think. The babies like water and Drew is part fish. So tonight as Brian and I were putting together the china cabinet we hear Drew say "Lets sing the birthday song!" He never did sing it, but he kept on about his birthday. By the way it's still 3 months away.

Brian and I decided that for the evening we would turn off the chime sound for the alarm. I take Drew to bed and come down to Brian pressing buttons. (It's 11:30pm) He pressed the wrong button and all you hear is the alarm in PANIC MODE. Neither of us knew the code....Thank goodness in was shuffled in the paperwork we had from closing. Luckily no one has called the cops and shown up. I'm thinking the SOLD sign in the front yard saved us. Trust me we now know the code. :)

Hopefully new house pics to come. I need to unpack the mountains of stuff out in the garage.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

All these...yes!

I like all these names.....yes, these names. Drew is telling me what to write. He wants me to type right here. He's so fascinated by typing and computers. He certainly makes me smile at the end of a long day. Even after the emotional week we had last week.

Maddox is doing much better. He is constantly laughing and playing like there is nothing wrong. He has finished his antibotic, still taking his albuterol, pulmicort and singular. It's very time consuming along with his occupational therapy and respiratory therapy. It isn't leaving much time between to keep packing and playing with the kiddos. It's making me really sad.

Jack is crawling army style all over the house. Emma is still just rocking, but she laughs histerically at herself. Maddox and Parker are still working hard at sitting. Maddox rolls all over the house, but Parker is still pretty immoble.

We are almost ready to move. Thursday is approaching fast. Just a few little last minute things left. I am praying for a smooth transition. My goal tomorrow is to take apart four cribs. It could be very interesting. Not much else going on, just work and moving. We all go to be pretty early these days.....after all WE ARE EXHAUSTED!!

If your brave, come watch the kiddos for a while so WE CAN NAP!
Hugs to all.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Neb me!!

Well, it seems like I've traveled this road before....oh wait, I never got off the exit!

I took Parker to see the Nephrologist today (Kidneys), and Maddox to the Pulmonologist(lungs) today. Parker got a wonderful report. His kidneys looked great. I knew going in the Maddox wouldn't come out with flying colors but wasn't expecting the news I got. Maddox has been sick quite frequently since he escaped from PICU last spring. Constantly snotty, coughing, wheezing, ear infections and more. We took him to see our pedi this past week because he was sick. We had been using the nebulizer, giving him antibiotics and reflux meds. He seemed to be making progress.

Boy was I wrong! It turns out he never really recovered from Metopneumo Virus(RSV). It apparently triggered severe reflux and possibly allergies to something unknown. We are waiting to see the GI specialist, allergist, and Speech Therapist to see how bad the damage is to his esophagus and the lining in his lungs and sinuses. The pulmonologist thinks he's possibly aspirating reflux which is making his lungs worse leading to inflamed tissue in other areas and it's just running in circles in his body so he can't fully recover. Once they find the culprit of his recurring pneumonia issues he should be on the road to a full recovery. It's getting there I'm worried about. There are a lot of tests involved and they hope to complete it all in the next month. As if I didn't have enough going on.

I will try to keep you updated on Maddox, we are in full moving mode so it may be a week or so before I am up and running again. We can't wait to be settled in the new house! Just one favor....send Maddox lots of prayers and hugs, he's got a long way to go.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Lysol me!

I feel cold and flu season coming in full force. I was hoping it would wait a little longer considering it's been so hot. It started with me, now Drew has it, and it won't be long before everyone else has it. Drew was in bed this morning and said "Mommy I have a boo boo in my mouth". I knew right away...he had a hoarse voice and was kind of whinning about it. We got out the flashlight and sure enough his throat was red. We went to take a shower and snot poured out of his poor little nose. A dose of tylenol and two movies later he is still on the couch.

Emma and Jack are both about to crawl. Jack has been able to get on all fours now for a few weeks but hasn't figured out how to coordinate his hands and legs. Emma just figured it all out last night. She was sitting next to me and rolled over to her belly. Pushed up on all fours and then started rocking. She was laughing histerically. It will be interesting to see who really figures it out first.

Brian and I are gearing up for the big move. I have been trying to hold off on cleaning out the kids wardrobes and just doing it while we are moving. It's only 12 days away! With the rain today I really struggled to find something that was warm enough. Guess I need to be checking that 10 day forecast! I still have a bunch to pack, but putting it off as long as possible. It's strange being a procrastinator.

I will try to keep this updated but with this bug going through the house and the move it will be a challenge.

Friday, September 3, 2010

We're looking good!

I took the squad in for their 9 month check-up today. They are doing well. Happily entertained and chatty.

Maddox 15lbs 3oz and 25inches
Parker 17lbs 3oz and 26 1/4 inches
Emma 16lbs 7oz and 26 inches
Jack 16lbs 2oz and 26 inches

Emma and Jack are being referred to Riley for reflux and the Dr. gave Maddox 2 weeks to clear up with allergy meds. If that doesn't work then he will be referred to an ENT for adenoid removal. But otherwise the kiddos are good.

Parker woke up this morning chatting up a storm. Papa will be excited when he hears that he can say "pa, pa, pa". Everyone can say "ma" and "ba" which is exciting...but no "da" yet. Sorry Brian!

We are getting ready for the big move...ONLY 20 MORE DAYS! I kinda dread it because I don't know what to expect moving with 5 babies. I hope I can get some help!!
Well it's time for dinner for the babies. Macaroni and cheese and strawberries with bananas.


Thursday, September 2, 2010

Were 9 months old!!

I remember thinking last year at this time that I would be busy with babies. I didn't think I would be this busy though. I'm about to start making notes in my planner to remember to do the laundry and the dishes!

This month is going to be super busy. We have the pediatrician, Pulmonologist, Nephrologist, Developmental Specialist, new house closing, moving, a trip to Wisconsin, and work in between. YIKES! I am feeling a bit torn on keeping the appt. with the Developmental Specialist. I understand why we do need to see him, but I don't agree with it. My children were born 11 weeks early, they are behind developmentally. I don't see any signs of any severe conditions, and they all have therapy through First Steps. We see our pedi for their scheduled check ups. I guess I'm saying I don't feel the need to pay 8 separate co-pays (one for each child for the Specialist, and one for each child to see the therapist on his staff). Plus, they do standardized testing on the babies. It's completely unnecessary and invaild in my eyes. My children aren't expected to catch up until age 3...why waste my time and money when I know where they are developmentally? Tell me what you think, I'd like to know how some of you feel about this.

Drew spent last week with Grandma and Papa; he had a blast. Brian said he kept cracking up. Drew would come and sit on his lap and look at him and say "Daddy, you're cute, I love you!" You can tell what Grandma was telling him all week. :)
He has been quite hilarious this week. Drew told me last night "Good grief Mommy".
He also told me that Daddy drove fast in Mommy's car on the way to the park yesterday....I love the things he says. He's too cute.

We visit the pedi tomorrow so I will try to give baby info soon.


Thursday, August 26, 2010

Back to school!

Our kids don't go to school yet, but I can't help think about when they do. What will I do with my time, and how much are supplies going to cost?? I'm already scared!! I recently returned to work (at school) and I do believe this is what brought it on. Seeing all the kiddos in their new shoes and cute outfits. Drew will be going to preschool next fall and the quads...well, I'm shocked they are already 9 months old. They seem so little.

Time is moving faster than I would like. We've been so pre-occupied with the new house, moving, doctor visits and work that I'm forgetting to stop and look around. That's my goal this week. I did take an hour last night and just cuddle with Maddox and Jack. Emma cuddled with Aunt Danielle while Parker slept in the swing. It was sweet. I do think later we will take the stoller out and about. We are having wonderful weather today and considering it's one of my days off, I'm going to take advantage.

For those who haven't heard yet, we sold our house! We are very excited. The buyers close on it October 13. That gives us about 3 weeks to get everything out and into our new house. We don't intend on it taking that long to move, but with 5 kids it may surprise us.

I hear someone playing upstairs, naptime must be over!!
Hugs to all!!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Lots of updates!!

So it's been a while since I've posted. A lot has happened. Emma is doing great. She is back to herself. She has a check up with the neurosurgeon tomorrow. Jack, Emma and Maddox are all rolling everywhere. Parker can roll, he chooses not to. I think his trunk muscles are a little tight. We've been working on stretching him.

Brian and I bought a new house. IT'S HUGE!! Almost 3300sq feet. It has hardwoods, a fireplace, a basement, stainless steel appliances, a huge fenced backyard and more. We move in roughly a month. We are going to rent out our shoe box.

I returned to school today. It was strange, and I'm hoping I can get right back into the swing of things. I sure did miss being home. I didn't think I would miss it, but I've spent the last year and a half here...I guess I just got used to it. I'm also working for First Steps. I just started and so far like it.

I will update more a little later if possible. I hear Maddox screaming!!

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Boo Boo Report

Emma is doing great. Her swelling has gone down so much that we are starting to see all the brusing that was left behind. She doesn't fuss much unless the boys get rough with her. Her hair covers a majority of the incision so unless you look really close you can't really tell.

Another set of boo boos came this evening. Drew was running outside when I heard a loud thump. I knew exactly what happened. He hit his head on Brian's truck and then went face first into the driveway. He has scrapes on his forehead, elbow and both knees. Thank goodness for Sponge Bob bandaids.

Everyone else is doing good. Emma has her first tooth. Brian and I have survived the first 8 months of the babies lives. It's looking like we're gonna make it. For a while there it was touch and go....lots of illness, crying, and parental exhaustion had me worried. Some days I visit the nut house, but always find myself coming back to my sweet smiling babies.

We think we might be close to finding our new house. We'll keep you posted on's stressful!!


Sunday, July 18, 2010

I can see! (Emma update)

Wow, is all I can say. Emma has been a trooper. She came out of surgery, blew up like a ballon, and is home playing like nothing ever happened. Her right eye is open about 90%, and her left eye is about 50% open. She let me wash her hair last night and didn't even flinch. She doesnt quite look herself yet, but shes happy, home and doing well.

Drew and the boys are happy Emma is home. They did come to the hospital to visit. Drew told me this morning; as we were leaving Target he wanted to go home to get Emma. He's so sweet and quite protective of her. Makes me giggle.

Brian and I are doing good. Still trying to finish painting so our realtor can get pictures up to sell our shoe box. We are getting close,it just seems to take forever. I guess I should expect that with five kiddos!! If anyone wants to paint or come play I'm available.


Monday, July 12, 2010

Emma's surgery

We woke up around 4am to have Emma at the hospital before 6am. We arrived and got Emma settled in. Once she was taken to the OR Brian, Stacy, Susan and I headed to breakfast. It was delish! We came back watched Ellen, went to the gift shop, and then it was all over. We were called back to be told Emma was out of surgery and she did great. We got to see her about twenty minutes later. She looked peaceful and bruised. She is now in PICU resting somewhat comfortably. Her head is swelling very quickly. She is currently unable to open her eyes. They should be open by Thursday. They are going to move her to Peds tomorrow. Brian and I are doing good. We. Are very tired and going to squeeze in a short nap. Keep us all in your prayers.
Love and hugs!

Monday, July 5, 2010

I'm a fish!

What a fun 4th of July!! We went to Illinois for the day. Drew was very excited to swim...and did he ever!! I think he is part fish. He swam nearly 5 hours. Brian swam with him while holding hands for about the first five minutes and after that he swam all by himself. I am one proud mama!

The quads took their first swimming lesson too. They all liked it. They swam in floaties the first time in the water for about 20-30 minutes. Then got out to nap and jumped back in a bit later. Man are they cuties in their swim gear. I am lucky to have such well behaved and brave kiddos. :)

Brian and I enjoyed the day swimming with the kiddos and chatting it up with friends and family in the sun. Brian got a nice sunburn and I got the pleasure of slapping on some alone....he's lucky I was nice! This week is a busy one too. The quads are being baptized on Saturday and then on Monday (12th) Emma goes in for her cranial surgery. I am one nervous mommy. She will be there through Friday (16th). Her anterior suture on her skull closed at 10 weeks old and will now have it opened to allow room for brain development and for her forehead to expand. You would think after all we experienced in NICU, and having three boys in PICU I would be a little prepared for this. Especially with Maddox having been on the vent for almost a month. I just can't seem to get a grip. I'm about ready to cry just thinking about it. UGH! Well, I actually got to bed early tonight but I will keep posting as much as I can about our trip through Emma's surgery and our stay in PICU.

Please keep Emma and our family in your prayers for the next two weeks.
Love and Hugs!

Monday, June 28, 2010

Tiny Travelers

We made it safely to Wisconsin and back with no major meltdowns or emergencies. I was praying the quads would be good on long road trips like Drew was, boy am I one lucky girl. We didn't get out the door as early as we liked, but that's ok. We stopped and picniced under a tree with the babies half way there. We looked like we were moving! The car couldn't have fit one more thing in it anywhere.

We arrived to my parents standing in the driveway waiting for their babies. Emma and Jack were out of their carseats before I could even make it in the house. We had all sorts of visitors come and see us. Drew had a great time playing with everyone. Papa and Drew played in the pool, the babies played toys and watched the dog and Drew run around the house. They also made it out to dinner for the first time. They did great.

Now that we are home, the fun continues with our own toys, and without the hussle and bussle of all the people. The babies are quite cranky and just want to be held all day. It's been somewhat rough. On a positive note though...Jack has said mama two days in a row and they are rolling all over the place. Jack is almost rolling from room to room, and everyone else has just figured out how to get from back to front.

Drew is in need of some attention, so I need to run. After all, daddy is at work making him monies for his piggy bank. :)


Monday, June 21, 2010


Drew has this new thing with monsters. They are appearing everywhere. First it was under his bed. Brian and I thought it was the start of some scary sleepless nights. It turns out he likes to scare them away before he crawls into bed. Then the monsters started appearing in his closet and in with his we went along with it. Today, Drew started walking backwards and said "Mommy help me, monsters are taking me away!" I had to laugh at him. His imagination is cracking me up!! There is never a dull moment in our house when Drew is home.

The quads are monsters too! Hungry little monsters that is. They can down 8 jars of food per feeding. YIKES! They're not even teens yet. This is going to get expensive. They are growning fast. Jack is showing signs of walking...his body is ready, but his little brain is not. They are almost sitting up by themselves. Maddox found his thumb today. I do believe I now have two full time thumb suckers. Parker still enjoys his fist and Emma takes whatever she can get. She's not too picky.

Our house search continues. We have found a few we really like. We still need to sell ours first. Being patient about it is the hard part. We are taking the quads on their first mini vaca. We are heading to Wisconsin for a few days. Hoping for a smooth trip! Hope to post updated pics soon. Super busy with all the stuff going on around us. The quads will be 7 months old on Saturday so hopefully I can get some new ones taken and uploaded. Well the pizza is here...gotta grub!
Love to all!!

Monday, June 14, 2010


Wow, I feel like its been forever and a day since I've posted! Ok, maybe a week...but a lot has happened in that small amount of time. We have moved a majority of things to storage and painted some of the rooms in our house. We've looked online at some homes and have begun the whole financing process. I have nothing to hide, but yet I'm so scared. It's only money right??

Drew is still cracking me up. Two weeks ago he wanted to take the babies back, on Saturday he said "Mommy, we can't leave babies...they cry!" Hahahaha. He is very attached to Daddy's job lately. He always goes to the front door and if Brian's truck isn't in the driveway he tells me, "Daddy at work, make me money, put in piggy bank." Makes me laugh everytime!! He loves riding in Daddy's truck...boys and their toys!!

The quads are great. Learning new things every day. Parker is such a chatter box, Emma is chill for now, Jack is quite the thumb sucker, and Maddox is a mommy hog. He loves to cuddle. All four are almost sitting on their own. Jack is starting to roll all over the house. Parker got in his way today and stopped him from rolling into the dinning room. They are about to make their first trip to Wisconsin...they are ready. Ready to cuddle with Grandma and Papa.

I hear cries of hunger, so that means time for bottles. Possibly a chocolate milk sippy for Drew, and a glass for mommy. Jammie time too!

Saturday, June 5, 2010

On the move.

Well...we've done it. We have listed our house for sale. I am in a mad dash to declutter and paint a few things, but trying not to get my underwear in a bunch! I know it's easier said than done.

We decided it was time a few days ago when Brian brought in the feeding table and highchair. He got it all arranged and cleaned up. An hour later we were both looking around thinking the same thoughts. TIME TO MOVE! It will be interesting to see how this will work with the quads and Drew. I think Drew will be ok without a few toys, but how do you hide millions of baby items?? I will most definetly keep you posted on that adventure.

All five kids have been sick this past week, I'm starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Some cranky babies, that's for sure. The cuddling has been nice but I feel like I've done nothing. We did take the kids on a late night walk last night. They really seemed to like it. More so than when we go during the day. It may just have to be a bedtime addition.

Time to run, babies to play with!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Meet the Scotts!

What a week...and it's only Wednesday!

The week started out a little rough. Emma, Maddox and Drew turned out to be sick and wheezing, Emma fell off the couch and landed head first in a bouncy seat and it was HOT! On the positive side though, Jack and Parker discovered their toes, Jack decided he was going to be a full time thumb sucker, and Drew decided he was going to start taking off the babies diapers. Yes, he has learned to take off his own everytime he needs a new one and seeing as he wants to help, he has decided he will take the babies diapers off too. Such a good big brother.

We've spent a lot of time outside the last few days. It's been great, however; the house has been completely neglected. Brian finally decided he was going to clean last night. We decided it was also time to bring in the feeding table and highchair for the quads. They are such good eaters. Loved the sweet potatoes, hated squash. Carrots is our menu today! It has also pushed us into our new home search a little quicker. The feeding table doesn't fit so's making for quite the fire hazzard should we ever have one. We have a plan to go and look at a house today to see if it's a possibility. No we don't even have ours on the market yet...we are looking for a good realtor. We are going to need all the help we can get!!

More exciting news...our update on the quads from the news paper has printed!! I've tried to attach it to the update today. I do hope it works. (I think you click on the title of this post.)

Hugs to all, as I'm off to the doctor will another sick baby!

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Respiratory Distress!!

Well...sick kiddos again. We are nebulizing the ba-geezish out the kids. Drew, Emma and Maddox made a quick pit stop with Aunt Kim and Dr. K. Parker and Jack are joining in but without the Dr. visit. If one has it, of course they all have to have it. Soon I'll have it and then Daddy will get it too. It's almost summer...why are we getting sick???

So it's been a rough week. Drew is a maniac....he was running from the laundry room all the way to the patio door today screaming at the top of his lungs. At one point I was standing at the sink, he flew by me and went face first into the washer. He turned around and looked at me and said " bit me, I ok!" Just then he took off again. That's the kind of energy I need. Although maybe if I run into the washer face first I will have the same result...get up and go! Yesterday on the way home from the doctors office I asked Drew if he wanted a cheesebuger. He said nope..I eat boogers. I asked him if they tasted yummy and he smiled and replied "YUP!" I think I'll settle for the cheeseburger personally.

The babies are sleepy and cuddly. With them not feeling well I've been able to move some of the clothes in theit closet...they are getting so big! No more newborn stuff, on to 0-3 month clothes. It also made it a little easier for me to finish my First Steps Certification. I passed my test with flying colors and am hoping to start in the next two weeks. Will keep you posted.

This mama is fighting the weight of the eye lids and is headed to bed. Hoping for a quiet night.

Monday, May 24, 2010

Score...Babies 1, Mommy 0

So I intended to get something done today...boy was I mistaken!! Teething quads are a handful. My goal today was to do three loads of laundry, clean the bathrooms, and do one module for my First Steps certification. I did manage to get the laundry's sitting unfolded in two laundry baskets. I also managed to get two modules for my certification done.

The weather got really hot here yesterday so I got out Drew's swimming pool and put it at the bottom of his swingset. He had a blast, however, getting him to eat was a challenge. The boy loves to swim! I can see it now...mommy is going to have some tan babies. Who knows the number to Tropicana?? Commercial time!!!

The babies are all getting teeth. Poor Jack is just having the roughest time. Parker and Emma are a bit fussy and Maddox is doing pretty well. I guess all that time in PICU really toughened him up. They are still pretty cute and that's all that matters.

Brian and I are super exhausted. With all this teeth business going on, we don't get much rest. On our days off together we try to squeeze in grocery shopping, dr. appts. and any other errands in. Really not much time to sit down. I just keep thinking someday I'm going to be an empty nester and will miss all the hugs, kisses, and giggles.

It's jammie time for the squad...probably jammie time for you too.
As Drew says every night...SLEEP TIGHT!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Just another day!

Well, we have teeth, we got shots today, and we have moved the potty! Yes, Drew has decided to move his potty to the living room so he can play MarioKart while using the potty. Usually I'd be against this, but I've already lost my sanity due to all the crying. This was a way to keep the peace. Other than feeding the babies my only other tasks to complete will be sweeping the floors and bath time. I haven't quite figured out how to tackle bath with five children alone yet. Drew gets into everything while I'm doing things with the babies and he loves bath...he's going to look like a rasin if I let him take an hour bath! This could be interesting.

Tomorrow we are taking a field trip. Going to visit my co-workers and students at school. Then tomorrow night we are going to Marshall to visit Grandma Susan and Papa Jack. It will be good to get out of the house. Well, cranky babies are yelling, time to go!

Saturday, May 15, 2010

The Tooth Fairy.

Well, we have two teeth! Jack and Parker got their first tooth yesterday. Maddox and Emma are still working on their first tooth. I wasn't quite sure when they would even start teething being preemies. I have been suspecting it for a bit now, but it really hadn't been too bad. Just some drooling and occasional fussiness. With Drew I thought the whole world was going to end...he was horrible. He started at three months old and got his first tooth at eight months old. Jack and Parker were over-achievers!! Luckily it was fast...I hope it all goes that way. Although Jack has had a very rough day. Poor guy...finally sleeping now.

Not much else exciting has happened. I've been busy keeping up with things around the house and playing with the kiddos. We have great fun! Drew and I made a castle last night. It was about four feet tall. He loved it, he made me get pictures. I'll have to post later...I'm a bit slow with downloading pics these days. The quads are learning how to use their exersaucers and loving them! I'm feeling better cause they're not laying on their backs or their heads all day. BALDNESS DISAPPEAR!

I guess I need to start thinking about dinner....I have no idea what we are having. At this rate I'm thinking Hamburger Helper!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Lets chat.

As I was getting ready to put the babies in clothes yesterday I realized that Parker and Emma were giggling at each other. I got them both dressed and put them in their bumbos facing each other. Before long I heard them talking to each other. After each coo the other one would smile. It was absolutely amazing to watch. My heart sank as I realized how fast they were growing. As I got Jack and Maddox dressed I just kept thinking it wouldn't be long before I was breaking up fights. The four of them played in a circle for about twenty minutes. Music, giggles, coos, and the sound of Lets Make a Deal were all I heard. Pure bliss!

This morning as I was feeding the babies, Drew was getting ready for school. He came out to me and said feed my babies? He loves to help, but didn't offer turns out he was busy making a boo boo on his arm. He needed a sponge bob band aid! I didn't get to kiss it, but he came and asked me for a kiss and a hug. As he was walking out the door instead of love you mommy I got a peace out mommy. Ahhhh, what a sweetie! At least my morning started out with a giggle.

Hope everyone has a wonderful day!

Monday, May 10, 2010

This little piggy!

This little Drew piggy loves sweet tea.
This little Maddox piggy is a happy cereal eater.
This little Parker piggy you can't feed fast enough.
This little Emma piggy licks the spoon before opening her mouth.
This little Jack piggy tries to laugh while taking a bite.
They went chomp chomp chomp all the way home!

Yes, you've guessed it...WE ARE EATING CEREAL. It's not because they were ready for it, but the Developmental Dr suggested we try it to help with reflux. The babies love it!! It's a new challenge for Brian and me trying to feed all four at once.

It was a busy weekend. Grandma and Papa Stanek came for the weekend and Aunt Corky (Stacy) graduated from IUPUI. The babies got a lot of attention and showed off their smarts. It was a blast. Brian and I also participated in the neighborhood garage sale. We sold a little over half of all the newborn clothes the babies grew out of already. Over all a success for my garage space!! NEED STORAGE BADLY!!! :)

Well this is short, and so are babies tempers tonight.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010


The quads are five months old now. It's amazing how far they've come. All four are talking up a storm, Parker, Jack and Emma are rolling over, and all of them love to laugh. They are all weighing in between 9 and 12lbs...getting so big!

We took them yesterday for their developmental check up with a specialist. I was completely amazed at the test results. All four babies came out ahead of their adjusted age of 2 months, 9 days old. Normal scores are between 85 and 115. Anything below 85 is below average and anything above 115 is above average. The babies had nothing below 103 and went all the way upto 121. I guess circle time is most defintely a keeper in our daily schedule!

Drew was excited to play outside with Daddy yesterday. They played bouncy house for a while and then decided to go on Drew's first fishing trip. He absolutely loved it. They didn't bring home dinner so we ended up with chicken strips, ranch, and ketchup!

Brian and I have been busy as ever. He took vacation time this week and we visited his family in KY. After getting home from there we decided to clean out the house. We are partaking in this weekends neighborhood garage sale. My sister and her boyfriend Nick are graduating from IUPUI and my parents are coming down for the weekend. We couldn't be happier...the quads are sleeping through the night, and all is well!!

Hugs and happy days!

Monday, April 26, 2010

It's a Freak show!

Well, Spring is here and we've decided to get out of the house more. Our usual hot spots include the park and stolling through our neighborhood. We visited the Easter Bunny a while back if you all remember. This past weekend was my birthday and Brian decided to take me on an overnight adventure without kids. It was wonderful. He also got us in to take family photos on Sunday. I was super excited. We all got new outfits and hopped in the car. You would think by now we'd be used to people starring and making an idot of themselves. People seriously freaked out. A guy in Dicks Sporting Goods said "I'm sure you have some good days...have a really good day today." The idiot said this as I was about to go into the pouring rain. Our pictures turned out ok...I'm not like OMG look at this! It's more like these are cute but.... Overall it turned out to be a wonderful birthday.

As the freak show continues...this time in our house. Drew has been in an entertaining mood. Last night he got out his sing a long ELMO and was singing into the mike and bopping around. Too cute!! The babies are doing great. We are all finally healthy. No more oxygen or feeding tubes for Maddox. No more coughs, snotty noses, gunky eyes or anything. I'm knocking on wood right now!! I don't have much more to share. It's been pretty quiet and normal here.

Hugs to all!!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Oh the Places You'll Go!

Yesterday was a wonderful. Drew and I went to the zoo. We saw everyone from the movies there. Melman, Alex, and Gloria from Madagascar; Frankie and Lenny from Shark Tale; and Nemo. We took lots of pictures and rode some rides. Drew still loves the monkeys, but was fascinated by the walrus. We were sad the penguins were off display. They were making repairs to their tank. :(

Today we've been outside in the backyard. Its been tough for me to sit out very long. The quads are a bit fussy today. I haven't quite figured out why yet, but I try to make them as comfy as possible.

Friday Brian and I are going out for some much needed alone adult time. Headed to the Spring Multiples Banquet. I'm not sure what the rest of the week holds for's my birthday and Brian has the weekend off. The possibilities are endless. Next month Grandma and Grandpa are coming from Wisconsin, but in June we are making our first trip to their house for a few days. I'm excited for my family to meet them. Before we know it, we'll be making a trip to Disney!!

It's now time to venture out to the front yard!