Beach Fun

Beach Fun

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Right Now......

We're getting ready for school!! Parker starts tomorrow. I think he's ready. I've been talking him into going for the last two weeks. Drew will start next week. I sent him on vacation with Nana and Papa first. Poor Drew saw me put water paints in the cart while we were school shopping and now doesn't want to go anywhere but art class. I'm sure his teacher will have a lot of fun things planned to divert his attention. Jack, Emma and Maddox will be homeschooled this year. I'm really sad about this turn of events and wish those who had a say in how things turned out knew how things looked from the opposite side of the window. I'm feeling confident right now, as Maddox has said he would listen and do his best for me. Jack and Emma I'm not as concerned about. There always seems to be that one little turkey in the bunch and he's got it down!!! Although when I took him school shopping he was quite excited about his toolbox. I'm thinking I might have to buy some Super Mario stickers to keep him pulled in. :) We are ready for soccer to start. All five kids love to take there ball and kick them around the yard and house. Parker loves his cleats. That surprised me because the kid HATES shoes and socks. Drew's coach seems really nice and I look forward to meeting him. I've not heard from the quads coach yet, but am looking forward to watching them run all over chasing the ball. Brian is still working on our monster play set. Our tube slide finally came and he can get it installed. Our neighbors lent him their drill....that was three weeks ago or maybe four. I had to text them to let them know we hadn't forgot about returning it. Did I mention we have the BEST neighbors?!?! In upcoming plans, we want to visit the Indiana State Fair. That starts Friday. It may be a little difficult to fit in with school and all, but we wouldn't miss it for the world. Lots of fun things to taste, look at and ride!! I'll post pictures in the next post hopefully, along with a finished play set. Until next post....enjoy the rest of summer!

Saturday, July 20, 2013

School Days

This is the first time in eight years I am not preparing myself to go back to work. It feels strange. I'm excited, have no apprehension about anything. Considering I'm sending my oldest to Kindergarten this year, I feel like I should be sad. But in reality, I don't. Brian and I thought long and hard about things. We had sent Drew to Saint Susanna for Preschool and Pre-K. He has loved every minute of it. We've had wonderful experiences there and the families and staff have been so supportive. We couldn't have asked for anything more. We considered sending Drew to public school beginning this year and when it came down to making the final decision Brian and I were split. Financially, it would be better to send him to public school. In the long run for Drew, he will benefit more from going to private school. Nothing bad against public schools, I've taught in them for eight years and worked with great teachers and support staff. It's just the smaller class sizes and the amount of attention staff are able to provide. This I think has eased all those emotions of him entering the full day world of school. Parker also returns to Developmental Preschool in the next week and a half. I have been asking Parker if he's ready to start riding the bus again. He's been pretty anti-school until yesterday. I finally got a "I'm ready" out of him. He will have a new teacher this year. I've heard great things about her and look forward to see the progress he will make. Brian and I are still deciding what to do with Maddox, Emma, and Jack. We have been trying to work things out with some Preschools, but are just not sure how things will work out financially. Let's face it.....MULTIPLES ARE EXPENSIVE!!! Check back in two weeks to see if they go to school or stay home with Mommy! In other squad news....WE ARE GOING TO PLAY SOCCER!! Yes, all five kids in soccer. Brian and I also debated this for quite sometime. He said "NO" I said "YES" and well, because I'm the boss naturally I won the battle. I'm praying we have no broken bones from our clumsiness, and no meltdowns on the field. The kids each have their own ball and have been playing in the basement. THEY LOVE IT!!! I still haven't decided if I'm nuts or going to enjoy watching them. I'll keep you all posted on this too...maybe post some action shots of the crew. At least the quads will all be on one team and Drew will be on another so it's only two different teams to follow for now. :) No other gossip from Squad Headquarters, we'll keep you posted on school and soccer news. XOXO

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Busy Bees!

A lot has happened in the last three weeks. We've welcomed a new baby into the family. That's right, my little sister Stacy and her husband Nick have welcomed baby Mason into the world. He's a cutie! My kids have adjusted fairly quickly to his name. They had been thinking his name was going to be Mario or Luigi. We've been able to see Nana twice in three weeks! We've been having a blast swimming, and Daddy took a week off of work to start on a swing set. We are slowly gearing up for school. Parker returns in two weeks to preschool. We've had a rough time without Speech and PT services for him. I'm glad we didn't go too far outside the house. I might have had CPS called on me from all his bumps and bruises. He is one of a few people I know who can fall while running across carpet!! We are struggling with him using words. He's resorted to pinching the last two weeks. I've had a lot of squeezing and cuddle sessions with him. I will be happy to see his therapists! Drew and Crew as of right now will return/start school in August. Drew is excited to head to Kindergarten. Jack, Emma, and Maddox seem excited to go to preschool. I'm nervous to send Maddox, and I think he maybe good friends with time out and the office staff! The squad is going to try soccer this fall. Drew just finished baseball and is ready to return to soccer. The quads will try it for the first time. Jack is super stoked for the shirt with his name. HEHE!! They all play soccer in the basement and seem to get the just of it. Hoping there are no major fights, fits, or metldowns out there!! I know it's a short post. Nap didn't happen today and well....there's fun to be had! XOXO