Beach Fun

Beach Fun

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

One Fish, Drew Fish!

Last fall we let Drew have fish for pets. Drew has been a very good fish owner. He helps feed them and gets quite concerned when Brian cleans the tank. I'm glad Brian is a fishy kinda guy because this mama DOESN'T DO FISH TANKS! Drew also makes sure his fish go to bed at fish tank lights on! Drew likes his fish so much he's decided to try to be one himself. It all started when Brian and I bought a small above ground pool this spring. Drew and I swam all summer in a small blow up pool and we decided it just wasn't gonna be as much fun as a big pool. So one day after school Drew and I went to the store and picked one out. A few weeks later we took a much needed outside playdate to set it up. We got it filled and immediately Drew climbed in. It was a little cold. To his surprise, he decided he didn't need floaties because he could touch the bottom. Every night after, Drew would want to take a bath so he could practice for the pool. He was learning how to hold his breath under water and trying to float. This past holiday weekend Brian and I had gotten in the pool with Drew and worked with him a little. He is now a fish himself. He is diving for dive sticks, floating and swimming without any help. He's so proud of not having to wear floaties. His biggest accomplishment has been learning to CANNON BALL! If he's already learned all of this in just two weeks in the pool I can only imagine what he's going to learn throughout the summer.
On top of all the fishines in our house, we've been going to watch Drew play baseball. He hates it, but I am not going to let him quit. He gets so bored out in the field and loves to practice his homerun trot. Sprinting isn't in his baseball vocabulary! It's at least fun to watch him goof off and be silly outside the house. Drew also graduated from Preschool. We are so proud of him and glad to see he likes school. He learned a lot this year.
Maddox, Parker, Emma and Jack are all doing good. They are not quite loving the pool like Drew, but will get in for short periods of time. They prefer the sprinkler! They are quite the two year olds. Singing at the top of their lungs, jumping on furniture, slapping and pushing each other and more. Maddox has taken a love for shoes. He was running through the house yesterday yelling "I LOVE SHOES!" ROFLMAO. Parker is getting glasses. He's going to be so handsome in them. His speech and language skills are starting to take off. I'm excited to hear him make sentences like everyone else. Emma is SASSY! Boy does she know it. She loves to dance and sing, but don't mess with her cause she will let you know about it! Jack is still my little snuggler. He's sneaky too. Don't ever under estimate the baby of the family. He's become a master of playing opposum. I love the little grin he gives...melts my heart every time.
We're getting ready to take our first vacation. Heading to Myrtle Beach. Hoping to post before then. Have a little more free time now that summer break has begun. :) Looking forward to taking the kids to the beach and hoping to make great family memories. XOXO

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Swimming Along!

Time once again has gotten away from me. Five weeks have passed and I'm feeling bad I haven't blogged.
We had a good Easter. Lunch with my family and egg hunting with Brian's family. It was beautiful outside so we were able to play outdoors all day. Drew went fishing with his cousin Nick and had a blast. Maddox, Parker, Emma and Jack ran around the farm with super sized kick balls. It was a nice quiet ride home in the car after baths at Grandmas. Speaking of baths...bath time here has been interesting. Drew has been practicing his swimming in the tub. He has been holding his breath underwater. He's up to 9 seconds without plugging his nose!! He's also been blowing bubbles out of his nose and mouth underwater. All of his fish-like actions have prompted Parker and Emma to try to swim like fish too. They love to lay on their backs in the tub and wiggle around like fish. Sometimes they get brave and put their mouths under the water. Jack and Maddox have never been big on swimming but they do like the toys in the bathtub. A few weeks ago I took Drew shopping for a birthday gift for his friend. As we were walking through Toys R Us, he looked at me and said "Mommy, I need a big pool." He's so cute, and when I replied with "Lets talk to daddy about it." He said "Daddy wants to swim with me and I can hold my breath." Luckily I had gift cards in my purse, so without consulting Brian (knowing he'd be upset with me), I bought the pool. I think it's going to be fun, hoping now that Maddox and Jack will enjoy swimming. Summer break is coming, which means vacation is coming too! We are excited to take the kids to the beach (Myrtle Beach). I've bought some items, still debating on others, and thinking about my packing list. I'm a bit nervous traveling with all five for that long of a distance. Not much else going on with us as we've been busy working, going to baseball, and spending time taking walks and playing in the backyard.