Beach Fun

Beach Fun

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Squad Happenings

I know I've sort of fallen off the blog wagon....but here's to climbing back on!!

Recent happenings in the Scott house include everyone being able to climb and of course learn to jump on the couch. Jack has even managed to teach himself to sommersault off the couch. He's got good form! Brian has completed one toddler bed (which I've not been brave enough to try out yet). We have cleaned up the basement and started to put furniture and toys where they belong. It's looking great. The bathroom is in working order down there so I don't have to worry about Drew anymore. I discovered this morning I have two lions and a zebra in my house. Jack and Parker make good lions. Maddox likes the zebra. They are really catching on to their animal noises. Parker graduated from Physical Therapy this week. He is going to start Occupational Therapy again for his fine motor skills and sensory issues.

This past weekend Brian kept all five kids by himself while I went to Wisconsin. My mom and I threw a wedding shower for my sister Stacy and her fiance Nick. It was fun, but a very busy weekend. Stacy had her first dress fitting. She is going to look amazing. I can't wait!! They got wonderful gifts from their shower, and we were all able to spend some time with our family and friends we don't see very often. Brian and the kids I think were happy to see me when I got home, but from what I've heard they had a great weekend bach-ing it with Daddy!

We've been practicing for preschool with Drew. It's been tough. He just refuses to go to sleep before 11pm. I've been waking him before 9:30 every morning, and he doesn't' nap. Today I woke him at 8am. Hopefully it will start to move bed time up. :( I'm nervous about our bed/waking routine once school starts. He's gonna do great in school. He's a smart little cutie. Going uniform shopping and to pick up his school supplies tomorrow. He's so excited. I'm hoping to find a good time to go, as I have to take the whole squad. It just happens to be at lunch and runs through nap. :( Oh well, I can't win all the battles right?

Hope your day goes well, stay cool!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Dance Party USA

I used to watch that show on MTV. Did you?? Man, that was a long time ago. I know we are all starting to feel a bit old! I bought a kids music CD from Target about two or three weeks ago. My kids love it. It's made by Parents Magazine and has a ton of favorites on there. It not only wears the kids out, but lets them run around the house and yell and have fun without getting on my nerves. I'm so glad all five of the kids got my dance moves. :) They all have been doing Ring Around the Rosey for a few months now. This song is also on the CD. While eating lunch today I heard Jack singing. Yes, you guessed it. He was singing Ring Around the Rosey and I heard him sing "A$$es all down". LOL! I love when my days bring moments like this. It's the best!!

I also wanted to update on Parker. I've known for a few months that he was tongue tied. He was not chewing food properly, sucking food out of his cheeks, he was choking sometimes, and couldn't move his tongue to reach all areas of his mouth. I took him to be evaluated by an ENT and he agreed. He thought it was best to sedate Parker because he's one tough dude. It took three of us to hold him just to evaluate his mouth. We were in and out of the surgery center in no time. Just under two hours! He's been a little cranky but not too bad. I'm hoping he will regain full oral function without therapy. I'll give him a few days to explore on his own with it before I get people involved.

The basement is almost done. Painting is finished, the floor is done, and Brian is working on base boards! It's looking great. I can't wait to start cleaning and putting it back together. I mean with toys and furniture. :) I'm headed to nap, Brian is taking the afternoon shift. WAHOOO!

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Down on the Farm!

Maybe a field trip to the farm is needed. The kids have learned the words to Old MacDonald and are now starting to associate their sounds to animal names. Emma loves the cow, Parker was balking like a chicken yesterday, Maddox likes the horse and told his OT neigh last week, and Jack likes the duck. Although he doesn't say quack he signs it. Everyone loves the dog and has just this week started barking at BINGO the song.

For those of you who read my Facebook post last night, you know it was a bad day yesterday. It started out with having to wake Drew at 7am. He's not an early riser, loves to sleep in. We headed to his allergy appt which went fine and came back home. I hadn't slept well and was cranky, Drew was tired and cranky, and then Brian got upset thinking I wasn't being a good parent. It always seems to be the case when it comes to punishing Drew. Anyways, Brian left for work and Jack ran head first into the fireplace and cut his head open. Don't worry, nothing major, while I was taking care of him Emma dove head first off the end table and landed on her face. Drew didn't want to listen and Parker and Maddox, who knows what they did all day. I was in such a fog. I was glad to hit the sack last night.

Today has been much better, I got Emma's dress in the mail today for my sisters wedding. Super adorable on her. Everyone is in a better mood and Aunt Stacy is coming over after work. Yippee! Time to get a move on the laundry, going to fold it before I get chatty Cathy (Emma) out of bed. I can hear her talking now.

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Pass the Puffs!

I'm so glad I share well with others! This week I have shared a blizzard from DQ, M&M's, and my bowl of Cocoa Puffs with the kids. I really do try to give my kids everything, even my food. It's a good thing they are super cute. :)

I took the afternoon off to swim with Drew today. It was a blast. It felt so good to cool off too. Brian was nice enough to get up with the kids this morning and let me sleep in. BLISS!! I hurried to finish laundry and cleaning bathrooms so I could just hang this afternoon. I intend on finishing the first paint color in the basement later tonight. That is after the squad goes to bed. We had a minor detour in the fixing the house plan. Don't get me wrong, our house is in great shape...we are still working on the basement and the backyard a little. We had a minor leak in the master bath. Nothing major, just a cracked toilet tank that needed to be replaced. Brian spent two nights working on that as he needed to work during the day. Making Drew monies!! Haha.

The quads are doing great. Learning a ton of new words. I taught them how to shake their booty this week. It's great. They shake it well! We've been learning Pat-A-Cake and Old MacDonald. They've known Wheels on the Bus for a while now. My squad is so much fun. Emma right now is coloring....attempting circles. I can hear her say "sikle". The boys are still napping. Thank goodness, those boys had a rough morning. Boys are a little brutal. Parker had two time outs for biting today. Maddox and Jack were just victims and spent the morning in tears. Oh Emma is walking around with Drew's stuffed snake making hissing sounds. Super cute, as much as I hate snakes.

Drew is wonderful. He loves to swim, play Wii, and play with the babies. He starts preschool in 7 weeks. He have to pick up his school uniforms and supplies in two weeks. He will be spending a week with Grandma in Wisconsin in a few weeks too. He's ready for Aunt Stacy and Uncle Nick's wedding in October. He askes me all the time if we get to go to their party (reception) today. Haha. We are gearing up to be in "wedding" mode as we have showers and dress/tux fittings coming up.

Hope you're staying cool in the heat!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Inside, Outside, Upside Down!

My little peeps have been worn out!! Grandma and Papa came to Indy and we played until we dropped. Inside, outside, and upside down. We swam, played on the swing set, ran the halls of the house and jumped on the couch. My squad is always tired when grandma and papa have to leave. Although I wonder how grandma and papa are feeling when they leave here.

The babies slept through the fireworks as we set them off in the backyard. Brian and I decided we weren't ready to take the kids out to a fireworks show yet. Too many kids to wrestle in too big of a crowd. Maybe next year.

Work on the basement has slowed a little. It's been so nice outside and the kids had been sick we just haven't had time. Brian only has the bathroom and base boards left to finish. I need to finish painting around the ceiling and the floor along with two other walls which will be a different color. I can't wait for it to be put back together.

I'm tired and headed to bed...playdate tomorrow and Friday. YUP...that's two this week. Hope the kids are resting well, play time begins at 9:30!