Beach Fun

Beach Fun

Sunday, December 18, 2011

More Santa?!?!

It's been the phrase of the week...."MORE SANTA". We put up our Christmas tree roughly two weeks ago and found this musical Santa. I put him on the end table next to the tree and the couch. The kids LOVE IT!! We turn him on at least three times a day. He plays a song for about a minute and then the kids run out of the room and forget about him. Eventually they realize I have turned him off and then I hear "ALL DONE SANTA" for the next hour.

Surprisingly last year they kids didn't really touch the tree. This year has been a completely different story. I decided to vacuum this past Friday after work. I took the vacuum upstairs and came back down to find the Christmas tree ON THE FLOOR. Yes, the quads had knocked over the tree. The stand was busted so I had to go get another one when Brian got home. Nothing was broken and no one was hurt....well, maybe I should phrase that in another way. Feelings were hurt badly when they got put in time out. They all sat a good five minutes on the couch and cried. Brian decided he would be funny and tell people Parker was trying to eat the pole of the tree. This morning I found tree needles in his poop, I'm thinking not so funny now. Sensory kids definetly know how to keep you on your toes!!

We've been trying to get rid of all these germs lately in the Scott house. We've had colds, flu with quads, pneumonia, and flu again. It's just been a bad year for this. Brian and I have gotten a call from daycare on average of every two days saying someone is sick and has to be sent home. Hopefully over Christmas break we can get healthy. Although I have to make it to Christmas break first. I have three more days and I have Brian and Drew passed out on the couch with a bucket, blankets, a bathroom, and a movie. Maddox, Parker, and Emma all had it Saturday, Drew and Brian today, I hope Jack and I are not next. Praying for it to just leave the house.

My parents are coming this week for Christmas. I'm excited. Christmas, my Brother in Law's birthday, Drew's birthday and my husband works a normal job so he can actually spend time with us. Thankful for a wonderful holiday season.

I hope your Christmas is wonderful, I'm sure I won't get to post until after the holiday.