Beach Fun

Beach Fun

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Time flies and time stands still.

Parker has been home almost a month. It has been wonderful having him here. We realize what a superstar he is. He had tough challenges and came through them with flying colors. Maddox, Emma, and Jack are still in the NICU. They still have some hurdles to jump over. We hope they will be home soon as this is feeling like forever.

Maddox and Jack are all over the charts with their eating percenteges. They need to eat 100% of their feedings three days in a row before they can come home. Both boys have improved dramatically, however; it seems like an eternity has passed for them to be working on eating.

Emma has been eating like a champ. We thought she was coming home with Parker, but when she developed reflux that all changed. She has been on two different medications and I don't see a difference. She spits up and chokes on it or it stops in her esophogus and blocks her airway. When this happens her alarms go off and she has to start her 7 day alarm free period all over. We are glad that she is still in a safe environment for this to be occurring, but it's very frustrating for us because we want her home. I can't speak for Brian, but I am so frustrated about the situation I'd like to scream and yell. I've been hearing the same thing for almost four weeks and it seems like there isn't much being done, other than watching her. I honestly don't think I can sit and watch her for two or three more weeks until they decide if they should do something else. As a parent, I think it's a bit ridiculous.

On another Emma note: We have found her anterior soft spot has prematurely closed. This means her forehead can't expand and can cause pressure on her brain if left untreated. She has a follow-up appt. with the neuro surgeon in a few weeks. He will most likely do surgery when she is around 4 months of age to open it back up. She is going to need lots of prayers, so send them her way.

I hope to have them all here soon so we can be a family and all under the same roof. Until then I won't be happy.

Send cheers and prayers.
Love to all!!

Monday, January 18, 2010

Good friends.

Over the weekend we were lucky enough to share an afternoon with our family and friends for a baby shower. It was a lot of fun. Parker got to meet a lot of new people and Drew got to entertain everyone. His best bud Kiersten was also able to join the fun. Kiersten's brother Nolan popped in for a minute to meet Parker and the crowd. Nolan is 3 weeks older than the quads. Keeping in mind the babies were born at almost 29 weeks and Nolan was almost 39 weeks, we were able to catch them in a photo together. I'm sure they will all grow up to be great friends.

Other new developments in the Scott household include Jack hopefully being able to come home at the end of this week. Emma has not come home yet due to her reflux issues. We are still hopeful she will be home at the end of this week too. Maddox is making wonderful progress. He is eating about 70% of his feedings and has not had any alarms for his breathing. Parker and Drew are doing great...they love each other so much. I'm sure this won't always be the case!!

Brian and I are doing well. Getting some sleep in...enough to still be sane and get other things around the house done. We are very anxious to bring more of the kiddos home...we miss them. We'll keep the updates coming!!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Sweet Moments

Gods greatest gifts come in small packages. We are lucky to have five wonderful children with whom we share the most wonderful memories.

As I was putting Drew down for a nap today he hugged me and patted my back. I too hugged him and patted his back. I put him in his room and went to put away laundry. I just happened to walk by and see Drew standing on his toy box peeling the wall border off his wall. I stopped and asked him what he was doing? He turned and looked at me with wide eyes in silence for a long time. Almost like he was scared and shocked he was caught in the act. He then said "Mommy I poop!" He then gave me another hug and kiss and it just melted my heart.

Parker has been home almost a week now. He is doing great and big brother Drew is such a good helper. It's nice to have him home with us but it was heartbreaking to leave his siblings there. We don't make it to the hospital as much to see Maddox, Emma and Jack, but we know they are in very good hands and they are doing well. We hope they get to come home soon to join us.

Hugs and Kisses to all!!

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Squad Member Breaks Out!!


We were excited to bring Parker home yesterday, but sad to leave the rest of the squad. They are doing great there in the NICU. Emma will hopefully come home on Sunday to join her brothers here.

Parker had a good first night. I was up twice during the night with him. He slept well and woke me when it was time to play at 7:15. He also woke Drew up for play time. Drew was happy to see Parker. He doesn't really say much to him or bother him. He would rather play with Daddy and chase him around the house as he gets ready to leave for work.

We will let you know when Emma, Jack, and Maddox come home. Hopefully it will be soon. Spliting time between home and the NICU is very challenging. Let me know when anyone can come help. I'm always willing to take volunteers.


Saturday, January 2, 2010

I'm a big kid now!

What an AMAZING start to 2010!!

We hope everyone had a wonderful New Years. Drew, Brian and I spent the evening with our good friends and neighbors Eric, Katrina, Kiersten and Nolan. The kids danced to Nick Jr. songs and chased each other around the house. It was a good time had by all (we all felt our age by choosing to stay in!!).

Maddox, Parker, Emma, and Jack decided it was time to start eating from a bottle and move from their isolettes into open cribs. It was exciting to see them take this next step. Emma and Parker should be home within two weeks. Maddox and Jack won't be far behind them. Maddox is doing well with the bottle feedings, he tires easily and is sometimes unable to finish it. Jack is having trouble keeping his body temperature high enough to stay in an open bed. He will try an open bed again in 24 hours. It's great to go into the NICU and see them holding their big alarms, very few wires to be hooked to, and starting to look like chubby little babies.

Drew has been doing well with potty training. He is telling us when he has to go. He's also learned how to climb to high places like the counter top and on top of his laundry basket while picking boogers! He keeps us on our toes and makes us laugh.
I can imagine the chaos of having two year old will be a trip!!

Love to all!!