Beach Fun

Beach Fun

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Crazy Busy

What a day!! It's been busy, crazy, exhausting, and cozy. I know, how can it be all of these all jumbled into one?? Lets just say I have five cute kids and lots of hours in my day to fill with them. To start our day we woke up cuddled in my bed with cartoons. We thought we might take showers and get ready to go to the bank and to Saint Susanna to work on the Pre-K service project. We were slightly interrupted by our randomly sounding smoke alarms going off. Only this time they didn't stop. After counting four bodies (because Drew was at school) and checking the house for smoke I called our contractor for an electrician that was to be sent on Monday. My second call was to 911 to have the fire department come out and check the house and turn off the alarms. I know....I should've done it the opposite way, but when you're in the shower and they go off you need the extra few mintues to get least when you're not in immediate danger and know it. After being evacuated to the neighbors and a very extensive serach with heat guns and all the firemen dug out some very disgusting furnace filters and checked the wiring from the alarms it was suggested things get replaced immediately. Luckily the electrician was able to come and get the wiring fixed, new smoke alarms put in, and put my nerves at ease. After the craziness settled I was able to play with the kids in the basement. Well, I should say I worked out while the kids jumped in the bounce house then I rocked with Maddox in the glider. He was so snuggly!! It was so nice because after we ate dinner the snuggles with Emma, Jack, and Parker continued. We played on the IPAD. I'm so loving this stay at home mom stuff. Even though some days are tough, I wouldn't trade it for anything. In other family news, Easter is coming and we were able to take the kids to see the Bunny. They loved him. We were able to color eggs as well. A little messy but a success none the less. We are excited to spend the weekend with family. I'm really hoping to get the kids outside to take some new pictures but it's not looking as promising as last years weather. I've been itching to update the pictures in the photo frames. I'd pay to have them done but the kids seem to shut down with new photographers and I've managed to do good on my own and Walmart's photo shop. Parker is potty trained!!! YEP, that's two down, two to go. Maddox could have it down if I could keep up with him. He's done great until today. We really just had some craziness and he was a little under the weather today. Back on the potty wagon tomorrow. Hoping everyone has a safe and happy Easter!!

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Where is Spring??

Happy first day of Spring!! We are still waiting for the Spring like weather to arrive though. Today's weather a sunny 31 degrees. I know it's a heatwave out there. :) We are also waiting for the Easter Bunny to arrive with new fun things. Brian and I are planning on taking the squad to see the E.B some time this week. Brian has a bunch of days off to spend with us and working on a "honey do list". First up the kitchen entry door. Brian ended up kicking in the door this past weekend when he locked himself out in the garage on accident while making his dinner. No kids involved here....we were all in Wisconsin visiting my family when this all happened. Second on the list is my new microwave. The old one had begun to rust from the fire. This alone has been an adventure too. The first one came damaged so we had to return it and then Brian has worked long days at work. Needless to say I have been without one for a week now and geesh how I miss it! Third shopping and replacing our front door and fixing the patio door. Both doors are leaking....ugh! The patio we can salvage but the front door I think has served it's time. While we are out looking for those items we are most likely looking at replacing our lawn mowers and other outdoor items. Parker and Drew are doing good in school. Drew says he's ready for Kindergarten. Parker is slowly learning his letters. Emma and Jack know at least half of their letters and love to color. Maddox is just a stinker. He won't work on school work for me but I'm hoping he will work for his teacher next year. I have a feeling his teacher and the Principal at St. Susanna next year are gonna have a busy year with him. Praying that he proves me wrong. Potty training is going ok. Three of four of the quads have it or are darn close to having it down. Jack just isn't ready and I'm not going to stress myself out over it. I'm still loving being a stay at home mommy. The extra kisses I get throughout the day are so worth it!! Not much else happening here at the Squad Headquarters. Just waiting for warm weather! XOXOXO

Saturday, March 2, 2013


Yes, that's me....every ten seconds I hear that word. I've been contemplating getting one of those clicker counters just to see how many times a day I hear it. :) I'm not complaining, I love being a stay at home mom. I don't have to get out of jammies if I don't want to, I don't have to shower everyday and best of all I get to see my sweet squad for at least 70% of everyday. I was thinking this morning about the old me (Working Mom) vs. the new me (SAHM). I'm a completely different person. For the first time in a long time I feel like I am having fun with my kids. Sure I used to do cute projects and go a few places when I had time. But now, I get to play Playstation, Wii, trains, go the the museum, color, and more. I think a lot of this has come to my attention since the house fire. My boss was not supportive, my kids were sick, I just didn't feel like it was my life anymore. I realized I had better opportunities in life and with a very supportive husband I took a leap of faith. Totally worth it!! Although,I will let you all in on a secret...being a SAHM is so exhausting it leaves little time for Brian and me. I love him to pieces, but some nights I don't even have the energy to open my mouth to ask him how work was. I'm sure it will get better as spring comes around because I can let the kids outside to play more vs always entertaining them. Although, I might just decide I need to play outside too and catch some rays!! The squad is doing great by the way. They love being home with me everyday. I've taken on some school projects at Saint Susanna so they get to visit there quite often. They know where Drew's classroom is and where all the good toys are. The quads have met their teachers for next year. I'm sure they will keep them both on their toes. Parker will stay in Avon Schools until KDG. He is doing well in the Developmental Preschool 5 days a week. Emma is doing well with her letters. Jack likes to color the letters and Maddox....well he's a work in progress. ATTITUDE!!! Parker is also starting to recognize some letters. He know's "p"!! Drew is doing great in school. His last report card came home and the teacher had written Excellent! on it. I'm one proud Mama. That's all for now, just having some real mind blowing revelations lately. Having the time of my life though. XOXO Sara