Beach Fun

Beach Fun

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Messy Fun

We are three weeks into 2012. So far it's been a blast!

I have timed myself to fully dress quads plus one for outdoor snow fun. 47 minutes! It's a good thing I don't require much dressing for outdoor fun; although I will admit by the time I was finished dressing all five I was sweating. The kids loved it. Drew immediately got his snowball throwing on, and the quads took off running around the yard. I was able to pull all five in two sleds for about two laps around the yard. They have gained a little weight in the last year! Ha!

This past week has been exciting. Brian, Drew, and I went to the Children's Museum (boozeeum in Drew's words) for a Mommy, Daddy, Drew date. We took the kids to daycare to play while we went and played. It was free admission and really busy, but totally worth it. Drew and I rode the carousel, we played in water, huge legos, dug for statues and dinosaurs, and found Indiana Jones stuff!

The babies have had a fun and messy week too. Miss Kristin let them finger paint on huge canvases taped to the walls. The painted in their diapers thank goodness. The walls at daycare are absolutely beautiful!! I love the kids artwork. Maddox, Parker, Emma and Jack have four new classmates as well. It's a busy class, and they love it.

Time for bed, Mama is tired.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

All Done Santa!


We made it through the holidays! Lots of goodies, wrapping paper, presents, and family. The kids enjoyed playing with thier cousins and snuggling with grandparents.

We had a surprise visitor to add to the holidays. Thursday before Christmas Santa came to our house. It was wonderful. Santa came and gave the kids some ornaments, braclets, told a story (Twas the Night Before Christmas), and took pictures. He even tucked the quads in bed!! Emma was quite scared at first, Drew was stunned, and the boys LOVED HIM. They jumped right in. Digging in his sack, sitting on his lap, and asking for high fives. I am thinking no more "mall Santa". Brian found Santa on He was so real and so amazing. I highly recommend him if you live in the Indy area.

The kids are loving their new bikes and Drew is really enjoying his video games. I had to go get some new organinzing bins to put toys in. It's going to be hard to adjust back to daycare/work schedule. We all have enjoyed sleeping later and staying home. Drew I'm sure is going to be so worn out re-adjusting to school five days a week. However, there are only 93 days left of school...who's counting right??

Drew turned four over the holiday break. He had a wonderful birthday. Brian made him a Mario cake and a huge "1-up" mushroom cupcake. They were really tasty and looked amazing. It was our first homemade birthday cake. I am really thinking I married the next Emeril. Drew got a new 3DS for his birthday. He is quite good at it, and it's his new favorite toy.

It's been a great holiday break and I return to work Tuesday along with most of the other people in the workforce. We will see how the kids adjust, I'm a little nervous. Keep you posted!!