Beach Fun

Beach Fun

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

We Love Summer.

Summer break is here! Can you believe our micro preemies are going to Kindergarten? I'm torn between feelings of joy and sadness. Feeling joy because they are getting old enough to go and do big kid things and sad because they are growing too fast. Drew is heading into second grade. Where does time go?? Drew did fantastic in first grade. He's reading at a third grade four month level and scored in the 94% in the United States in math. Proud Mama moment! We've kept busy with sports this spring. Drew is playing baseball. This past weekend he went 2 for 2 with an RBI and a run scored. The quads are playing soccer. They have their last game this weekend. They will get their trophies and soccer patches. I will admit I've failed in the patch department this year. Time just flies by. We've been so busy riding bikes, playing outside and finishing school there has been little time for anything else. I'm still a full time nursing student. I'm doing well so far and really loving it. I finished Abnormal Psychology this past weekend. Next up Theology! It's my last co-requisite before clinical rotations start in the fall. Brian too, has gone back to school. He is studying marketing through Indiana State University. I'm not sure when he will be finished with his degree, but it's a great decision for us as a family. Someday we will be able to have more time together as a family. Coming up for the summer we have some fun planned. Zoo trips, swimming, biking, I might like to try hiking with the crew. I'm still on the fence about that one, but Brian had mentioned camping. If it comes with a mattress I might consider it. My body may not handle the ground so well. Emma is also having her second cranial surgery. That happens next Thursday. She is ready. I'm good with our decision to go ahead with it this time. While it will be tough to start Kindergarten in a hat and half a shaved head, I'm confident she will do just fine. I will do my best to update on her progress during and after her surgery.

Sunday, February 8, 2015

We're Still Alive, Just Hibernating!

Don't worry, we are still here! Lets just say busy around here is an understatement. The last post was after we came back from Disney in October. Since then I have continued Nursing school classes, Drew has started swim team (although it's now competition season, so it's in mid season break), we've been through lots of Neuorology visits with Drew, influenza, multiple colds, GI bugs, IEP's and more. Nursing school has kept me busy on top of working part-time, and being a full time Mommy. I have successfully passed Anatomy, Physiology, Human Growth, Chemistry, and am currently taking Microbiology. I am liking Micro, but don't see myself as an Infection Control Officer. This class is really putting a lot of things into perspective for me. Especially with micro-preemies! We are very lucky to have four healthy little monsters on our hands. Don't get me wrong, I love all five of my kiddos to pieces, but at this age they have become sweet and independent. This many personalities all mish mashed together is a challenge. Yes, at age five and Drew at age 7 somedays feel impossible. After some discussion with Drew's teacher, Brian and I decided to have him referred to a Pediatric Neurologist for his previous concussion. After some lengthy testing (two EEG's and an MRI), we have found he has no signs of tumors, lesions, or bleeding, but he did have an abnormal EEG. There were findings of seizure's in his occipital lobe. There were no findings in his frontal or temporal lobes which is good. Drew was exhibiting some major focus problems, impulsivity, and staring into space. His Neurologist suggested trying an ADHD medicine to combat the focus problem. He has not been diagnosed with ADHD, and will not be on the meds forever, but this is only to aid him in class. It was hard for me as a mom to understand this as I knew he didn't fit the criteria for ADHD. His teacher has noticed he has improved so much which is also causing less behavioral issues at school. It's truly crazy to see what TBI's are capable of, even when it's just from a fall on the basement stairs. Drew returns for a check up in March, we'll keep you posted on his progress. In our extra time (because we have so much), we have tried out swimming with swim team. Drew loves it! Surprisingly he is really good. He was able to try out and skipped the first level and swims on the red team. He is diving off the diving board head first without hesitation, has a good backstroke, a decent breaststroke, and butterfly. He needs work on his frontstroke before moving up to the blue team. Our quads are not quite ready yet, but hopefully by the end of April will be able to join him in the pool. They all love the water. Soccer season starts in a month. The quads are signed up and feeling really excited. We will post pictures when they start the season. Drew has opted for Spring baseball again. He has asked to practice pitching. This will be interesting. Hoping for no broken windows!!! Our family is in the same boat as most other households in the US with the passing of germs. I opened the windows yesterday so hopefully a little fresh air will help with ridding of germs. Lysol, bleach and handwashing have helped, but they still seem to be hiding it secret places.... Stay healthy, we'll post pictures of our busy selves soon!!