Beach Fun

Beach Fun

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Can you find me??

We made it back from our second trip in one week. We took the kids to Kentucky to visit Brian's family. Drew was so excited to spend a day with cousin Brady in the pool and playing outside. It was great to catch up with Lauren and Casey who are about to welcome Bailey Grace into the family. We spent part of the day on Saturday with Brian's aunts, uncles, and cousins. It rained most of the day, but my kids didn't mind. They played in the mudd and ran like crazy. Baths were definitely needed after our outing.

I'm glad we have kids who travel well in the car. I have to admit, staying in a hotel is not ideal with my kids who love to run. House keeping was quite surprised when they entered our room to clean. We were able to take some toys with us to play but still leaves issues with space and sharing. We plan to enjoy the rest of daddy's vacation resting at home.

Other than our recent travels around the Midwest I've had to make a trip to the ENT with Parker. He has a tongue tie and will have it clipped next week. He's had some feeding issues with it and is starting to have articulation problems. The ENT is optimistic he will immediately regain full function and everything will be normal. Boy, do I hope he's right. I'm a nervous wreck. Being in the speech field myself, I know too much and over analyze too much. Maybe this career path was a bad choice??? We also will make it to see the Pedi this week for our 18 month check ups. Hoping all goes well. We left Thursday with Maddox having an ear infection and came home with Emma and Parker running fevers and very cranky.

Well it's late and we are all usual. Everyone sleep tight and don't let the bed bugs bite!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Run Forrest Run!

We've been on the go lately. Lowes, Chase Bank, Target, Wisconsin, zoo, and many resturants. I've been blessed with well behaved children. Can you believe I took all five to Steak n Shake all by myself? I didn't even panic!! We had no food throwing, no screaming, and lots of fries. There may even have been two grilled cheese sandwiches and a few chicken strips in there somewhere.

We took a day trip to the zoo with Daddy. It was wonderful. Drew raced a cheetah. He was so upset he lost. That only lasted a day or two, then we decided a trip to grandma's was in need. We left Friday afternoon and surprised Papa for Father's Day. Aunt Stacy came too. It was fun. We visited family and swam with friends.

I figured since I've been on the go for a week or two now I should keep going. Kind of like Forrest Gump. I took Parker to the ENT today for a suspected tongue tie. Unfortunately he is and will have surgery to release it in two weeks. It's a small procedure but he is a fighter and the doctor thought it's best to put him under for it. We've also been to the park for family pictures. I've gotten a small sneak peak, so far they look fabulous. I can't wait to see the rest. Tomorrow we are headed to Kentucky for the weekend. My summer is filling up fast...No wonder I don't go anywhere in the winter. I'm trying to catch up from all the summer running I do. :)

Have a great weekend, I'm not posting until we return!!

Thursday, June 9, 2011

It's a Snotty World!

After a few months of cleaning boogers out of noses and no improvement from Drew's nose Brian and I made the decision to have him tested for allergies. It was a rough test and Drew was a trooper. Test results came back positive for a few things. It turns out Drew is allergic to cats, maple, hickory, elm, and oak trees, along with grass and pigweed. I was completely wasn't shocked. I got rid of our cat almost a year ago and Drew never had any symptoms. We didn't have many trees around our old house, but in our new neighborhood they are everywhere. We have a huge yard so that makes total sense when Brian cuts the grass. At least now we are on a trial run of some new meds. The doctor sees Drew again in four weeks to see how he's responding to the meds. Hopefully we won't be picking and wiping boogers forever.

In fun news, we've continued our hot summer playing in the pool and sandbox. I let the kids run in the spinkler last night in their clothes. Parker of course loved it. Emma was a little unsure. She would run through it then head to the sandbox and play for a few then back to the sprinkler. Maddox and Jack are going to need a few more runs through the water. They have warmed up to the pool and swimming idea, but that took almost two weeks. Brian is on vacation in two weeks so the fun will continue more then as we take a road trip!

Looking forward to a playdate tomorrow with a good friend from high school and her kids. It's going to be fun. :)

Monday, June 6, 2011

Projects Around the House.

As some of you know we've had many projects going on all at once. We had basement flooding about two or three months ago which prompted these projects. We ended up having to rip out the endtire basement (which wast completely finished) and have it dried out. Brian decided to put it back together himself. It's been a slow job, but he's doing a wonderful job. It's about 3/4 done! He's hoping to have it done in the next two weeks. :)

We also decided it was time to ditch the rotten deck that came off our patio doors. We are enjoying our new poured concrete patio; which will be stamped and stained in the next couple of weeks. We got some new patio furniture and a new pool for the kids. Maddox and Jack don't care too much for the pool, but Emma and Parker along with Drew are like swimming fish!

I've also decided it was time to start getting rid of the hideous flat paint in our house. I started Emmas room a few weeks ago with some left over paint from the old house. It was light purple....a paint tinting error by Sherwin Williams. I painted three of her bedroom walls purple and left one wall the color it was before. I ended up getting the same color in a satin and painted the wall in that. I then put the same green in the kids bathroom. It's alien green! Like the ailiens in Toy the decor in there is Toy Story!! I also painted the master bedroom. It too is a color we had in our old house. So I've just painted three rooms and bought new curtains and a rod for the price of $25! SA-WEET! I'm thinking the basement will be next, as Brian gets it put back together. I have some ideas...this is gonna take a minute as it's a big space, and I have to paint base boards.

So far we are enjoying summer break. No big trips yet. Maybe a road trip to Grandma and Papa's in Wisconsin in the near future. Just planning on relaxing in the backyard for the summer.