Beach Fun

Beach Fun

Monday, September 10, 2018

We're A Busy Bunch!

Welcome to a little thing called life! 

I cannot believe it's been so long since I have posted.  If I remember correctly I posted last, just after passing my nursing boards.  HAHA!  That was stressful to say the least. However, I passed those with flying colors in 75 questions and have a blast playing with tiny humans in the NICU.  A place that touched my heart and drove me into a new career.  It's amazing how my kids see me in the nursing profession.  Emma has taken an interest in also being in the medical field and I couldn't be more proud.  She went from wanting to be a full blown Princess to being just like her Mommy.  The boys have shown interests in being firemen, police officers, and IT designers.  I'm proud of their ambitions.  

Other happenings include the kids and I moving into a cute little house in Danville with a pending divorce.  It's cozy, and we downsized quite a bit, but we have so much fun.  We have found a love for I spy BINGO, biking, we've done more hiking in the state parks, and watched scary movies.  I hate to say that we didn't swim as much this past summer due to our moving locations, but we did have a lot of ice cream.  The kids are adjusting well to their new schools and doing well with homework.  I feel like it's not such an overwhelming amount that we can't have fun at the same time.  It's a win for them and me!  

In the last year since I've posted, we've taken a few trips.  A long weekend to Ohio, which included the Newport Aquarium (so much cool stuff to see and touch), a really good burger bar, and all the excitement Great Wolf Lodge can offer.  Our favorite was the build a bears we got with a computer chip for the scavenger hunt.  Next time we go, we have high hopes of doing the wand games throughout the hotel.  We visited Orlando and Cocoa Beach over Spring break.  That was amazing!  We spent an entire day at Magic Kingdom and this time made it through the fireworks show!  We rode as many rides as we could, ate ice cream for lunch, and met some of the characters we didn't get to meet the first trip there.  We rented a condo a block from the beach and spent time building sand castles, burying each other, and boogie boarding.  Our condo had a private swimming pool so we didn't need to share with a ton of people.  Our neighbors at the condo were fun.  The kids had a blast with their kids.  I wanted to take the kids to Kennedy Space Center while we were there this time.  They loved it!!  So much to do and see.  My parents took me there when I was little and wow!  It has changed so much!!  We loved seeing Atlantis, it's incredibly huge.  We were also able to see some of the debris from Challenger and Discovery.  Its amazing how a persons feelings can change in a matter of seconds when seeing those items behind glass.  Knowing that is all that is left from a space mission.  I have been extremely lucky in having been to Las Vegas for my 37th birthday this past year.  I went with three girls from work and we had a blast.  I was nervous about keeping up with the girls, but found out I can still hang!!  Hahaha!!  I took a verrrrry long plane ride to Germany in July.  Let me just say how beautiful it is there.  It completely took my breath away at times.  I was lucky enough to meet a very sweet, fun, and loving guy who lives there.  I also have to mention that I have not walked as much since high school as I walked in Germany.  Everything is walkable....and when I say that I mean: you walk and walk and walk!!!  

So, looking ahead, the kids and I are looking forward to pumpkin patching, Thanksgiving, and Christmas.  I'm not a big Halloween fan, but do love Fall and going to the patch with the nuggets.  We always go to Wisconsin for Thanksgiving and the tradition continues!!  Along with the quads birthday.  Can you believe they will be 9?!?!  Christmas is our favorite season and holiday.  This year we will get to buy a new tree and oraments.  Starting over with our own design!  What are the chances we can all agree??  And we can't forget Santa!  The kids are already planning that list....

That's all the updates for now! Sending hugs to all.  <3 div="">