Beach Fun

Beach Fun

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Bite Me!

Brian and I suspected Parker of biting Maddox and Emma. Today I confirmed it. Parker is guilty!! I watched him bite Jack today as they both stood in front of me.

I hate yelling at Parker because he looks down and pouts. It makes me want to laugh and cry at the same time. He knows when I mean business. Not that he always follows through with the don't touch commands, but he defintely understands. Maddox laughs when you yell at him and keeps on doing what he's doing most of the time. Jack gives the long pause and thinks about it. Emma either cries or walks away. Drew...well, he's three and lets just leave it at that!

Today has been a rough day. I ended up not feeling the greatest and was at the end of my rope by 3pm. The weather has been miserable here and we've had serious cabin fever. LET US OUT!!! Apparently our good listening ears took a vacation, the babies were out of sorts, and like I said the weather sucked. We spent almost 45 minutes in the basement which is still under repair from flooding about 5-6 weeks ago for a tornado warning.

I'm so ready to have the basement back to normal. I could let the kids down there to play and get all our other toys out for a change of pace. Brian is doing a really nice job and working on it when he can. He's been doing it alone and it's a big space. I would also like to paint so that will add some time and effort one of these fine weekends. WHO WANTS TO PLAY WITH THE KIDS FOR THE WEEKEND??? Once the basement is finished I won't have to keep the kids locked in their pack and plays during bad weather. At least they can run and play.

Hoping for a break in the weather...until then this mama is CRAZY! Hope everyone is doing well and sleeps tight.


Sunday, April 24, 2011

Guess How Much I Love You?

We got our first "I love you" from one of the quads tonight. Maddox said it to Brian as he told him good night and then Maddox said it to me as I was walking him upstairs to bed. I am just in awe at how differently my kids communicate and the different words they all have in their vocabulary. Maddox and Emma are my little chatter boxes. They love to talk to everyone...well, everyone who is familiar to them. Jack and Parker (my little bash brothers) talk like crazy to their brothers and sister. They have a well rounded vocabulary, they just use it with others when they are in the mood, want something badly enough, or are being extremely silly.

Today was Easter. We got off to a late start. Brian and I, along with the kids over slept our intended wake up time. OOOPS! We had a wonderful day, as we looked through our stuff the Easter Bunny dropped off, went to Illinois for dinner with my in-laws, and then came home to play and smooch the kids. Drew was a little cranky, but sugar will do that to you when you're tired!

I'm tired and headed to bed. I hope you all had a wonderful Easter.
Hoping my ears catch many more "I love yous" from the kids. Goodnight!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

I am the MOLE!!

Do you remember that tv show? Brian and I made a bet after watching the first episode. I don't recall if either of us was right, but it was fun to watch.

Yesterday after nap I got the kids out of bed and thought I would do a tooth check. I always like to see who has acquired more teeth. To my surprise Parker had a top molar!! YAY. Therefore "the MOLE" nickname. Jack now has six teeth, Emma and Maddox still hanging with four each. The squad has been very chatty lately. I LOVE IT! More new words come out everyday. Drew told me yesterday "Mommy, I'm handsome" and today he said "P" is for pig and "b" is for ball. Maybe I have a neurosurgeon or the next director of NASA sitting next to me. He's super smart.

It's been cold here the last few days with all this rain. Makes me want to nap! The forecast for the rest of the week isn't looking very promising. :( Hope everyone enjoys Easter.


Sunday, April 17, 2011

Let's be Hoppy!

I guess I have lots of mixed emotions right now. I'm happy I've been able to have date night with Brian this week and the kids had a wonderful time at Stacy and Nicks. We were able to see the Easter Bunny and no one cried. Drew is fully potty trained and doing great. I'm sad because my washer died and before long we're gonna be naked. At least my water bill is paid so we won't stink. I've has lots of germs floating through the house lately so that has me a bit down too.

Brian has been working hard on the basement. It's starting to take shape, but is taking forever. I hate to even think that we still need to keep up with lawn mowing, playtime, walks, groceries all on top of the basement. But...gotta love summer and warm weather. Brian was working on it last night and I went down and threw out the idea of painting and all that since we will either have to touch up the paint I absolutely hate or make it pretty with something I LOVE! He said he'd think about it. I want to make it cozy for scary movies. BUHAHAHA.

Not too many other developments here in the house. The babies are talking up a storm. Maddox said "Thank you" and "cheese" two days ago. Jack is learning to run, Parker has learning to climb down things that he climbs up, and Emma has learned to dial grandma from my phone. Total girl! Love my munchkins!!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Making a the Kitchen.

What a crazy day! I feel like I'm in the nut house and needing electroshock therapy. This mama is pooped!

We did a lot today, cleaned the kitchen, did dishes, laundry, walked outside and most importantly BATH. I was so exhausted today that I made one trip upstairs to get towels and soap then one by one gave the kids a bath in the kitchen sink. Yes, 16 months old and they still fit in the sink. They didn't seem to mind it, as they could still watch Drew play Super Mario on the wii from the sink. I guess it was a win-win situation.

Brian and I are heading out tomorrow night. Yep, just the two of us. The squad is staying over at Aunt Stacy and Uncle Nicks house. It's their first overnight trip without Mommy and Daddy without it being a medical emergency. What a great feeling! Hopefully they will all have fun. I know Brian and I plan on having fun. We are headed to the Mommies of Multiples Spring Banquet. It's being hosted by a good friend who has twins and lives a block up the street. Last year was so much fun.

This mama is beat, I'm headed to bed. Sleep tight everyone.
In the words of Drew " you...bye!"

Friday, April 8, 2011

Things We Love.

Our list of favorites include:
1. Mommy and Daddy
2. Sippies
3. Goldfish
4. Riding in the choo-choo wagon
5. Going outside
6. French fries
7. Bubbles
8. Zoo
9. Looking out the windows for the school bus
10. Swimming

We went outside this week to play. It was a little windy, but the kids had a great time. It was the quads first time in the sand box. They loved it. Jack and Emma played for almost 45 minutes in it. Maddox, Drew and Parker played about 15 minutes then decided to go play on the swing set. Maddox and Parker were a bit under the weather so they relaxed in the swings while Drew played on the monkey bars. I'm so glad there is a lot of warm weather headed this way so we can spend more time outdoors. We just need to find more time in our schedule to cut the grass. In our old house the front was cut for us, and we had such a small yard it didn't matter how often we cut the grass. Now we are on our own....wish us luck!!

We've been fighting off germs this week and are completely exhausted. Looking forward to next Friday and Saturday for some sleep. I've been throwing around the idea of shampooing my carpets. I know...I should sit down and do nothing but catch up on sleep and rest, but I have so much else I "could" be doing without the kids here. Thank you Aunt Stacy for keeping the kids!!

Back to lysoling my house now.

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Family Fun.

We did it! We went swimming with a three year old, and four sixteen month olds. What were we thinking?? First of all let me just say it wasn't too terrible. It was more work getting them dressed in their swim suits than it was actually swimming. We ended up having a blast. My sister Stacy went with us, so we did have one extra set of hands. Of course she wouldn't miss it for the world. She loves her babies and Boogieman!

Today I woke up on the wrong side of the bed...and ALONE. Yup...Brian slept in Drew's bed. It makes Drew a happy camper when Daddy falls asleep first and stays there all night. I woke them both by running the vacuum! Haha, revenge is sa-weet! I guess to be positive I only had to make half the bed instead of the whole thing. :) To brighten my mood I took Drew outside during nap time. It was a little cold, but did me some good. We made a sand castle in the sandbox, played on the new swing set and played with our dog Bailey. We continued with a little Super Mario Bros on the wii and finished off with a visit from Grandma Susan.

Overall its been an ok day, hoping for much better tomorrow and warmer weather. I am hoping to take the quads outside to play in the backyard soon. Maybe even a walk or a bike ride.
See you in the morning on the right side of the bed!

Friday, April 1, 2011

It's Flat, and I Wish It Were Flat

Needless to say my house needs a new painted interior. I know I've complained before....WHY DO PEOPLE USE FLAT PAINT? It's so not child friendly. Especially when you have five! Where is grandma when you need them?? I'm itching to paint and decorate just to get rid of all the toy marks and hand prints on my walls.

Phase one of the backyard is complete! YAY Brian! He's become such a handy man. He's come such a long way in the 10 years we've been together. Love you lots Brian!! I can honestly say I've relaxed quite a bit when it comes to home repair. He used to make me so nervous. We have a completed sandbox ready for five happy children, a quad friendly swing set with mini clubhouse and slide and a Drew friendly jungle gym and swings. The quads I'm sure will need help navigating the jungle gym. Our only problem is our backyard slopes. GRR...I wish it were FLAT! It's going to be loads of fun. I just want it would warm up and STOP raining already. Phase two will entail a patio. We will be waiting until the basement is finished for that project.

I'm still waiting to take the quads on their first bike ride. They will love it. It's April and I want it really too much to ask for? The Mario theme song on the wii is really getting to me. Almost time for Maddox to have therapy so I have to run. Hope to post playtime pictures soon!