Beach Fun

Beach Fun

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Hot Fun in the Summertime.

Whoa, is it hot! We've been living life in the A/C and pool lately. Drew has become quite the swimmer. I let him watch the Olympic Trials on tv a few weeks ago and the next day he was pretending to be Ryan Lochte and Michael Phelps in the pool doing freestyle swimming. I have three of four quads swimming independently in a puddle jumper and Maddox who will swim holding one hand. When we're not in the pool we've been finding new places inside to play. We spend a few hours in the basement each day playing with our bikes and the train set. We usually pick a movie to watch "movie theatre" style right after nap, and sometimes we play upstairs in one of the kids bedrooms if we aren't in the playroom. We are gearing up for school again. The quads will start a new daycare soon, I think it's going to be good. The new director was a Principal at one of the local school corporations and each employee has either a valid teaching license or a state approved daycare provider license. Finally, someone who is knowledgeable in things my kids have problems with!! Drew will be heading back to Saint Susanna for Pre-K. He's excited and doing great with letters and spelling. Struggling with numbers a little. I'm sure it's all going to work out fine, I'm just OCD about it. :) Not much else going on in the house, it's been quiet here. We're all doing well. Lots of Love,
The Scotts

Friday, July 6, 2012

The Beach Life and More!

We did it!! We took five kids age 4 and under to the beach. It was so much fun and the kids did great in the car. You might have thought they knew what a beach house was before we even got there. They kept saying "Go to beach house now." every time we stopped.
We were fortunate for some of my family to go with us. Nana, Papa, Uncle Nick and Aunt Stacy went too. We stayed at a condo just three blocks from the beach. We thought about staying on the beach, but I was too nervous about having an escape artist disappearing on the beach. We really had the time of our lives. We shopped, ate lots of sea food, went mini golfing, played on the beach for two days, the boys went deep sea fishing, and Drew and I hit the pool for a bit. The kids were able to do a lot at Ripley's Aquarium. After we finshed the aquarium, we walked on the boardwalk. The kids were able to feed some very hungry fish off the pier, play on the playground, eat fudge, and stuff a bear from Build A Bear.
Seriously....what a wonderful trip! Since we've been home it's been interesting. Emma is doing great with potty training. Maddox, Parker, and Jack are showing interest, but more so after they've been tucked in bed. Every night this week has been an adventure. Sunday night after bath, we tucked everyone in bed. A while later I heard Jack screaming. I went in the boys room to find a bottle of baby shampoo dumped all over the carpet and the three of them covered in bubbles. I hosed them off in the shower, hoping my neighbors wouldn't call the cops from all the screaming. The boys HATE the shower. Although, it was hilarious watching them try to climb up each other to try to get out. Monday I had to get Bailey (our dog) from the vet. We decided to board her while we were gone. Brian called to tell me I needed to paint when I got home. I guess Brian left the kids alone to play while he went to turn on the sprinklers outside. When he came in he found the quads coloring on the two story foyer walls. Which of course has flat paint, which isn't washable. I was lucky to find a paint can in the garage that is only one shade darker than what's on that wall now. So, if you come over, don't mind the paint mismatches! The last three nights have been crap-tastic. Maddox and Parker refuse to leave their diapers on. They have peed, pooped, wiped, and played with it all. I have scrubbed blinds, walls, beds, curtains, bedding, and the carpet to no end. They are about to meet my friend "Duct". Plus it's Daddy's turn tonight to be on clean up duty. This mama needs a break. Other than that, we've been playing in the pool and keeping cool in the basement with bouncy house. I know it's a long post, but we are happy you're here following along with us! XOXO Sara