Beach Fun

Beach Fun

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Furry Fun Plus Some.

Furry is right.....Drew and crew saved their allowance up and purchased a puppy. A black lab to be exact. She is CUTE!! We drove to Terre Haute to meet the litter of puppies. One little girl puppy was so drawn to Drew. We knew immediately she was the one. Drew gave the owner the cash they saved and away we went. We hadn't picked out a name yet, but by the time we got home with our new addition the kids had named our furry friend "Peppy" short for Pepper. Peppy has been so good with the kids. She loves playing fetch and rope. She is still learning to walk on her leash with the kids. They run and she runs, then the kids stop to pick leaves off the trees and she thinks it's time to lay in the grass. I guess comical would be the appropriate term for it. Either way we love her and she seems to be enjoying us. We are in full swing of the spring baseball season. Drew is enjoying it and doing well in the sport. Soccer has ended. Maddox, Parker, Emma and Jack had a blast this season. They earned patches and trophies, which they were really excited about. It's been really nice to be able to sit back and watch them all play sports. Hopefully the sports enjoyment with the kids will continue. We have a very busy summer planned for us. Summer break is only seven weeks this year. Maddox and Parker return to school July 31st. It doesn't leave us much time to have lots of fun in the sun. We had splash pad fun planned for today, but it's raining. So, today looks like it's bounce house and movies in the basement. It may just give me some treadmill motivation!?!? We have Mason's (my nephew)first birthday, a wedding in Wisconsin, our Anniversary, Brian's birthday, the Fourth of July festivities, school starting and then it's the State Fair. While I will have to juggle the kids school schedules to go to the State Fair, we are definitely looking forward to it. On top of all this summer fun, I have been fortunate enough to return to school for a second degree. While I do love speech therapy and have some amazing co-workers and friends that I have been lucky to work with over the years, it's not my true passion. Since having the quads I've realized that nursing is what I want to do. I'm scared about juggling school and a family, but at the same time I think back to working full time and juggling a family. It's possible. Luckily a lot of my credits transferred and I will be done by September of 2015 (if all goes as planned). I'm really looking forward to a new career and helping to support my children. They deserve the best, and Brian and I are going to make sure we do our best. I hear crying, I guess it's time to be done blogging....welcome to summer break, day 1!

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